Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Animal Grossology

Playing catch-up with a post on a field trip last month.  We were scheduled for an outdoor event, but with cold, wet weather, we opted instead to go to the NC Science Museum.  They had a special exhibit called Animal Grossology.  If you are in the area, I do recommend this exhibit.  It will be there until April 24, 2011.  It was entertaining, hands-on and very informative!  Oh, and did I mention FUN!  We were joined by some of our friends and spent a fun morning learning about ... gross things.

Everything was interactive with lots of games to play.  This is a giant dung ball.  There were 4 beetles that each raced to push their dung ball to the top of the hill. 

Learning about predators and prey with a cute frog game.  Eliana really just liked the balls.  The goal was to shoot the ball into one of the holes in the river so that it was safe from snakes and birds.

Another game.
Did I mention that most of these exhibits had to do with gross topics?  Maybe its obvious by the title of the exhibit.  This one talked specifically about leeches, mosquitos and some other gross bug.
This game was set up like a game show in which you learned about 3 different creatures and then voted on which was the slimiest.

 Ugh!  I'll never look at having a fly in the house the same way again.  Amazing and disgusting how many things they carry on their feet.
This game was all about blood.  They learned about different colors of blood and which catagory of animal had which color of blood.  It really was interesting.
Yeah, I know.  Gross.  LOL

There was more, but I didn't get a lot of photos.  There was a submarine you could go in and look around the room with periscopes.  There was a twisty slide to come out of it.  One of the exhibits was to test your sense of smell.  It was really yuck!  There was also a game show at the end of the exhibit so that you could see how much you had learned.

This was a fun morning and something I hope we'll be able to do again.  We were fortunate in that the day we went there were hardly any other people there.  It made it much easier to keep up with Eliana that way!


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