Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CT Scan

Sorry for the late update. 

I took Joshua in this morning for his CT (CAT) Scan.  They told us just to walk in.  We went and waited for about 30 minutes.  During this time, we realized that I had forgotten his "poker".  I packed it, but forgot to slip it in my tote.  Thankfully, we weren't far from home and we were in a medical facitilty.  I did bring snacks so he was able to keep his blood sugars up.  We read aloud in a book (Hatchet - thanks Laura!) and played some games.

When it was time to go in and he saw the machine, I could see that he was visibly scared.  The technician that worked with us was wonderful!!!  She explained everything and answered his questions (he always has questions).  He happened to have on an outfit with no metal so that he didn't have to change into a gown.  This was probably the only pair of shorts that would have worked like this too!  She did a trial run of him laying on the bed, being lifted and then into the machine so he could see what it would be like.

The test itself went pretty quickly.  Then I chatted with Joshua while she checked to make sure they had all the images that were needed.  I had watched with her as the scan was going on and thought it was neat to see the images of his bones and thought Joshua would like that too.

I asked if she would mind him seeing that picture when it was completed.  She did so much more than just show him that one neat picture.  She scrolled through all the pictures and pointed out his organs, bones, spinal cord and more.  When she got to his stomach she said it looked like he had eaten cereal for breakfast - and he had!  She also showed him his muscles and his skin and commented that he had NO fat.  This is true.  :-)

As we were leaving, she told me that she would be sending the results to our ped office right away.  She also said that if we hadn't heard anything by this afternoon, we could call and ask.  Again, very nice!

We then went home.  I forgot to mention we had one sick today - Daniel.  Sick again in the middle of the night.  Thankfully everyone else is feeling better.  I sure hope it ends soon!

Our ped called this afternoon to share the results.  His kidneys looked good - no obstructions or other problems.  She did say that his left kidney is "puffy" in the collection area and is something that she will want to keep an eye on.  She doesn't know what caused it, but it doesn't seem to be due to any problems in his body right now.  His other organs looked good too!  Also, one of the cultures came back - negative for E. coli.  Thank you!  She is still waiting on some other cultures.  I told her that I knew it wasn't salmonella - that one was very wicked and much, much worse than this has been.  It was horrible!

She mentioned that this might be rotavirus.  She asked if I'd extended nursed my children and I said yes.  She thought this probably protected them while they were young.  Eliana had the shot for this and that may be why she hasn't gotten sick.  We won't know for sure though as this one wasn't cultured - just the "big boys" as she said.  I think it must be something we picked up from the hospital.  Who knows.  It doesn't really matter.  I just hope it is done!

Joshua's numbers are doing good again today.  No lows!  The new med seems to be working well in helping to keep him balanced.  I'm thankful for that.  I also talked with his endo dr who called to check on him.  Isn't that wonderful to have doctors that care so much to keep such close tabs on their patient?!  I'm very thankful for these great doctors and their willingness to go above and beyond when it really is important.

I'm hoping that by tomorrow, I can post some pictures, maybe share some other things that have been going on.  I"m hoping that we are at the end of the sickness path and then can just walk the new path of dealing with diabetes.  I'm thankful for many things and appreciate your prayers.