Monday, March 15, 2010

Mailing May - FIAR Vol 4 Co-op

Thanks for those of you who were praying for health for me and our family.  I'm feeling much better and thankfully so is everyone else.  I'm really hoping this is the end of sickness for us.  It hasn't been too bad thankfully.  I'm going to play catch -up with a few blog posts and also with emails and such. 

We had a wonderful time last week at our co-op, though we greatly missed a couple of families who were missing due to health issues. 

We started with reading the story.  Mailing May is about a little girl named May that wants to visit her Grandmother.  The cost for the train ticket is too much, but her parents find another way to send her - as a package on the train.  There were no rules against it and so May was weighed, stamped and send with her Mom's cousin on the train.  It's a true story and lots of fun!

The first activity was learning about stamps - what has to be on them, who can be on them and more.  The children were able to look at many books filled with stamps.  What a treat to see the many different types of stamps.

After learning about stamps, the children then designed their own stamps.

I always love seeing the creativity and variety that comes through in their artwork.

Here is Joshua with his very detailed $200 stamp.

Isaiah finished his stamp early (it's the one above with the Liberty Bell), so he had the opportunity to be weighed and measured in order to find out how much it would cost to send him parcel post to Nebraska.  (He picked NE because that is where his grandparents live.)

After getting all the information, it was plugged into a calculator on the US Post Office site to find out the rate.  I think it was $33 (can't read the numbers on the screen.)

I loved the next part of the day.  Each of the children was told in advance to come prepared to share something interesting about one of their grandparents.  They each shared an interesting fact or story and often with pictures too.  I loved hearing what each one of them had to say!

Joshua shared about my Dad, who was a basketball coach.  He shared some photos from magazines of my Dad.

Isaiah shared about Roger's parents who live on a farm in Nebraska.  He also shared a picture of their farm.

Next, the children were given several scenarios and chose one to act out.  They were also given props/costumes that they could pick from as well.  This is the one that the boys chose.  (The girls had one in which they acted out animals in a train car welcoming - or not - another new animal.)

Needless to say, they all had fun acting!

We ended with a snack time and learned some fun facts about Idaho (where the story takes place).  They were asked questions, asked to figure out puzzles and also looked at photos.  It was a neat way to learn some new things.

Thanks again friends for a wonderful day!  I love co-op!