Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beach - Retropost

We went to the beach the second week in September.  We debated about going as this was the time that several hurricanes were forming and we didn't want to be on the coast in the midst of any of that weather.  We did however want to go and spend time with our friends that have moved to VA.  We did this last year and looked forward to doing it again.

We were blessed to have beautiful weather all week!  It was overcast on some days, but that can be a nice thing at the beach.

We arrived shortly after a storm and found that many things had washed up on the beach.  We saw quite a few sea urchins.  

We also saw sunglasses and even a live starfish.  Surprisingly, no  jellyfish though.  Isaiah found a really large crab which we tried to get a photo of - but it was blurry due to being partly in the water.  The children spent a lot of time hunting for shells and found some beautiful ones.  Daniel loves to find shells and has learned the names of the ones that he finds most often - auger and olive.  Rebecca even found a shark's tooth, lightning whelk and a dried urchin shell.

We spent one day down at our friend's pool.  There was a large slide, and fountains in the pool.  It was a fun day.

This is Joshua coming down the slide.

Mostly, we just hung out on the beach.  We like to build sandcastles, play in the water, play football and hunt for shells.  Oh, and walk down the beach.  One of our favorite spots in where the ocean comes in to form a river.  It's a mild spot in terms of the tide and a great place for the younger ones to play.  It's also been a great spot for finding shells. 

Doesn't she just look pleased with herself?

Rebecca is buried up to her knees if you are wondering about her height compared to Christopher.  lol

This is taken in the "river" - Isaiah giving Eliana a ride. 

I love pictures from the back - there is just something so sweet about them.  This is Daniel, my little shell collector.

Love his beautiful smile!

Eliana loved it all - the sand, the water, the freedom.  We had a wonderful week!  I'm thankful we had this time to spend together as a family.  We are truly blessed in so many ways.