Monday, July 14, 2014

In just ONE month

My life is going to be changed.  In some ways that I can imagine and in some that will be a surprise.  I have experienced it once thus far, so in some ways, I hope that I am a bit more prepared.  In other ways though, this is going to be totally different.  Its one of the many things that remind me that I can't do this in my own strength and sends me to my knees.

In just one month, we will be taking our beautiful, talented and amazing daughter to college.  I'm so very excited for her.  I'm excited to see what she will learn and experience and what God will be teaching her there.  I have a peace about her going there because I know it is God's plan for her.  While I would have loved for her to be closer to home, I'm happy for her that she will be able to do what she loves - theatre - in a setting that seeks to glorify God.  This was a huge part of her decision to attend Liberty.
I'm going to miss her.  A lot.  Its been a sweet (mostly) 18 years together.  Almost daily - learning, laughing and experiencing life.  (And yes, some of that experiencing involved less pleasant things too.)  I know that her siblings are going to miss her too.  They have already seen the hole that having someone missing creates.
For so many years, my family was growing and increasing in size.  I loved that!  Adding more people is always a joy!  I'm so very thankful for the 6 children I have been blessed to walk this journey with.

 Rebecca - you are a joy!  You have made parenting a daughter seem so easy.  I appreciate your honesty, strength, creativity and initiative.  I have loved watching you grow and mature.  You are going to do great in college.  I know that this is going to be an adventure and its one for which I've been praying for a long time.

I've been praying for your roommate.  What a delight to meet one of them this week-end and to see y'all talking and enjoying each other.  I'm praying that you will become strong friends who laugh and encourage and strengthen each other.  :)

I'm praying for your studies.  Praying that the transition from homeschool to college will be a smooth one for you.  Praying that you enjoy your classes, that you seek help when needed and that your faith will grow as you learn more about God and his plan for you life.

I'm thankful for your creativity and pray that you will find outlets in which to express that.  I'm delighted by your love for children and pray that you will meet others there that you can love on while those who love you here are eager for your return.

I pray that our relationship will grow and deepen even though the miles separate us.  I type this through tears.   Know that I will be praying for you often as you will be always on my heart and mind.  Dream big!  I'm proud of you and am always here for you!

I love you so very much Rebecca!