Sunday, August 12, 2007

Upcoming week & a few pics

"Be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things."  Joel 2:21

Here is a more recent picture of Eliana.

This was on a birthday greeting I received this week.  I love it.  It's a wonderful verse for me to meditate on as I can find myself just feeling sad at times.  I know that if I fill my time praising God that there won't be room for feelings of defeat or sorrow.  Now, I know it isn't a magic wand to wave things away, but is a good start.

Here is a picture of my morning birthday greetings - with food, cards, gifts and sweet smiling faces!  It was really a sweet time with these children that I love!  (Christopher isn't in the photo as I think he was still sleeping.  He doesn't rise as early as these early birds do.) 

Our calendar isn't looking too full this week - for which I'm thankful!!!  I do enjoy "getting out", though I also appreciate quiet days at home too.  Honestly, our getting out these days usually involves medical appointments and that doesn't really count. 

Monday - We have an appointment with the cardiologist.  I'm not sure if she will be having any testing done - blood, EKG, echo, etc.  Please pray that all would go smoothly if she needs to have any testing.

Eliana's button site is still red and has not improved.  I'm hoping that the cardiologist will be able to help.  I might also try calling the surgeon's nurse to see if I can see her since I'll be over there tomorrow.  I just want to know that what I'm doing is the right thing - and not to miss something which could cause further problems.

We've also talked some about Eliana getting a new/different button.  At times it seems like a good idea - like when the button pops open and makes a big mess.  At other times though I wonder if I'm just going to be trading problems.  KWIM?  Would it be better to just keep this set of problems that I know?  As always, I wish for wisdom and clarity in knowing things I really know nothing about.

Tuesday - Feeding therapy.  Eliana continues to do well.  She has been taking at least 7 ounces per day.  She will often take 2 ounces at a feed which is so encouraging to me!  We still have a ways to go, but at least she isn't refusing the bottle altogether as she had been doing.

We are needing to figure out more on feeding solids.  We haven't done much with this, but know that we need to tackle that too.  She will try some and doesn't seem to mind it.  Most of it comes back out though.

Wednesday - Physical therapy.  This is one of the times I feel most encouraged.  Eliana has just started getting up on her hands and knees in the last couple of days.  She looks like she is getting ready to go somewhere!  I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.  As if they ever wait until we are ready!  LOL

Thursday - This has been our "fun day" for so long.  It is the day we do our field trips.  We took our last one just 2 days before Eliana was born.  I have really missed these outings.  I miss this time with my children.  I'm nervous about even thinking of resuming them.  We are planning a park day for next week with our FIAR homeschool group.  This will be our first outing - the children and I - that lasts any length of time.  It will be our trial run to see how  "portable" Eliana and this feeding tube can be.  It's really a shame we haven't been able to travel with her as she has been such an EASY baby in terms of fussing and temperament.  She has been an easy baby - it's just the medical stuff that has been hard.

We are having our house cleaned again on this day.  Thanks Mom!  It's so nice to have this done - everything cleaned at one time - even if only for a short time - it's still nice.  I do need to pick up before they come though as some of our treasures (aka playmobil parts) might look like trash to someone else.

Friday - Another day of nothing.  Hopefully the children and I can do some fun things on these days - art, experiments, reading books and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Prayer requests are much the same:

*Eliana's feeding to continue to improve!  Wisdom in knowing the amounts to give, spacing of feedings, techniques to use in holding her and the bottle and more.  I am prayerfully hopeful that one day she will again be able to eat all that she needs on her own!

*Eliana's button site and surgical site are both red.  I think maybe she is trying to "pop a stitch" at  her surgical site.  It doesn't look infected, but is red.  The area under her button is also red.  I've been putting bactraban on it, but it isn't healed properly.  Also pray that the button would just stay closed when it is supposed to be closed.  It really makes a mess when it opens.

*Peace for my heart.  I feel in such a swirl of emotions some days - and the weight can seem so much.  I'm trying to take naps when I can as I know that lack of sleep doesn't help at all.  Oh, I do look forward to the day when I can get a full night's sleep!  I know that I need to hand over this load.  I do better on some days than others.  I appreciate your faithful prayers.

*Vision as we start back our schooling.  I want to make the most of our time and not fill it with unnecessary things or pursuits.  I want to  spend our time doing the "best" things and not just "good" things. 

*Blood test results - We haven't heard back which I'm hoping is good news.  Perhaps I'll learn more tomorrow?

Will try to post more later.  I want to share some photos and some fun from Sat.  ETA:  I've put in a few photos and here is one last one of me with my girls.

With love,