Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beyond FIAR Co-op: Marie Curie #4

This was our last co-op of last semester.  Our 4th one for Marie Curie.  We ended up swapping around our co-op lessons for the 3rd and 4th due to some sickness and conflicts so if you see that some things are out of order, that is why.  It all worked out beautifully though!

We started our time with a devotion and then discussion on the importance of family relationships.   The students took turns sharing a favorite family memory.
Next they split into two groups.  One worked on making a family tree.  A literal tree.  Painting it on canvas and then writing family names on leaves to add to it.
The other group wrote notes to people in their family sharing a favorite memory with them.  Really sweet!

Love seeing the creativity.
Some of us didn't finish up there, but this is something we can easily add to at home.
Next, was an exercise on listening to others and valuing their opinions, persistence and cooperation.  They were given instructions as a group and their goal was to get from point A to point B.  There were obstacles or decisions that had to be made along the way.

The obstacles kept coming and sent them back to the starting point.  This gave them many opportunities to get frustrated or to give up.
Thankfully there were also encouragers in the group that motivated and encouraged those who were weary.  (Isn't that a great analogy to life?!)
In the end, they did make it and they were most thankful!
Snack time!  Always a treat in our co-ops!  This time we had yummy foods that were from favorite family recipes - haystacks, sausage/cheese balls, pickles, dip and crackers.  Yum!  Another delightful day and a fun way to end our book!
We continued our learning at home and made our meal to go along with the book just a week ago.  It was a delicious crock pot dish with sausage, cabbage and potatoes, pickled cucumbers and boiled potatoes.
We enjoyed our Polish meal very much and the time we spent learning with this book.  I love that we have these lessons and shared memories.  I'm thankful that our family has so many sweet ones tied to stories that we love!
More coming soon on our next book ... The Saturdays!