Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday Joshua!!!

We were travelling when Joshua had his birthday (in Williamsburg) and I haven't gotten to posting about him.  I wanted to get this done before his birthday month ended!

Where do I start with this amazing little boy?  I prayed for him for several years before God answered my prayers.  What a sweet blessing it was to have him join our family.  He has always been a laid-back and easy-going little man.  He began as a very pudgy (with great thighs!) baby and now is a slim young man.

Joshua has a sensitive heart - in a very good way.  He listens and ponders and remembers.  I sometimes have to be careful in what I share so as not to burden his heart.  I pray that we would encourage his sensitivity toward the things of God.  I've noticed this about him even from the time he was a very small boy.  I remember God using Joshua's words to encourage me when he was just 3 in ways that were beyond his years.  I had lost a baby in the summer and in the winter on that baby's due date, I was sad about missing this baby we had never met.  Joshua commented to me that day about this baby being in Heaven with God.  It was a sweet reminder to me that my baby was in a better place, and also of how very much God loves me!

Even now I see his sweet heart in our day to day activities.  (Not that he is sweet and perfect all of the time mind you!)  Just today as part of his journalling, he was asked what he would do if someone gave him a million dollars.  Here is his answer.

"Buy him a candy bar.  Pay off the price of as many orphans as I could." 

He kept nothing for himself.  I love that answer. 

Joshua is brave and strong in ways I never knew he could be.  He has faced diabetes head on and with great courage.  That doesn't mean it is easy or that he never gets frustrated and upset about it.  He does.  So do I.  It is a hard thing to live with.  Just tonight he asked me if he would have diabetes in heaven.  I loved being able to tell him that "No, there would be no diabetes in heaven!". 

Joshua is creative - loves to draw, pretend, play games and more.  He is athletic and has played a variety of sports - basketball, soccer, baseball and now football.  Joshua loves to read and is particularly interested in history.  He has similar interests to his older brother in reading which is nice.

Joshua is helpful, interesting, affectionate and sweet.  I feel so very fortunate to be his mom.  We are blessed to have him in our family and I thank God for this precious gift!

I love you Joshua!