Monday, October 27, 2008

MRI Update

Hi Friends,

Thank you for praying.  We had a good day - a really good day.  I'm going to write a lot of the details, just to share our day.

We started the day early (for us).  We had to make sure Daniel had eaten before 8am - and nothing afterwards.  I thought it might help to have some distractions, so we drove to the State Fair to pick up Rebecca's entries.  It was crowded and hectic, but we found all of her things.  Thankfully we were able to sign for the items for which we had lost the tags.  She found a note on one of her items - the Christmas ornament.  The note told her that the ornament was beautiful!  It also said she would have won money if it had not been so fragile.  (I'm glad she was told that as it is an encouragment for her.)  She did win 4th place.  (More pics of her entries when I get to our State Fair post.)

On our way out, Laura (my sister)'s driving skills were tested as trucks, trailers, etc. were trying to dodge in and out and around everything.  I'm surprised one didn't run into us!  (One almost did.)

When we arrived home it was time for therapy.  Daniel usually goes first, but since he had some time left to drink clear liquids, I thought maybe he could watch a movie and drink some sprite which he opted to do.  He watched a new movie that Christopher purchased for him.  Christopher thought it might be hard for him to have so much time when he couldn't eat and that this would be a good distraction.  Wasn't that sweet?!

Daniel took the whole eating/drinking limitations very well.  He even explained to his therapist what he was doing and why he couldn't have more to eat/drink.  He did a great job.  We left for the hospital shortly after therapy concluded. 

Roger and I drove with Daniel over to Duke.  Our appt was at 2.  We waited for a short time in the waiting room, filling out forms and playing with the toys there.  More questions when we were taken back into one of the cubbies.  Our nurse, Christy, was fabulous!  I was excited to meet her as a friend had told me she was great.  I was glad to see her stay even through the shift change at 3 - our blessing!

The dr came in to explain sedation - the types and the benefits and risks of each.  After discussing it, we then have to sign a release.  Roger did this.  A list of all the things that could go wrong - and thankfully don't usually happen. 

Next we exchanged his shirt for a hospital gown.  (He was not thrilled with this, but didn't put up a fuss.)  The sedation was done with an IV.  In order to make it easier for Daniel, they put a numbing cream (emla) on 2 places - his right hand and left elbow (to give them options).  They let this sit for about 30 minutes to take effect.  While this was going on, they let him pick out a movie to watch while we continued to discuss what would be happening.

When it came time for the IV, 3 nurses came into the room.  I was really concerned about this part.  Daniel watched them preparing his hand and then I distracted him while they inserted the needle.  He didn't move at all!  He was just perfect!  What a sweet answer to prayer.  After getting it taped to his hand, they used this to administer his meds.  He was given 2 different meds and the first went in easily, the second one burned.  I saw tears well up in his eyes as he looked up at the nurse.  She was very comforting to him and thankfully it soon passed.  He was such a trooper!

The drugs began to take effect very quickly.  Roger lifted Daniel and carried him to the MRI room after we had removed all the metal we could from our bodies.  Shortly after he was layed on the table, he began to move and even tried to get up.  They tried to settle him, gave him more meds to sedate and let me talk to him.  He settled quickly and was great for the remainder of the test.  He looked so very tiny on that table positioned to go into that tube.  I'm thankful he won't remember this part of it.

Roger elected to stay in the room and I stayed just outside of it.  The scan started about 3:45.  At about 4:10, the put contrast dye into his IV which helps them to see things with greater accuracy.  Things were complete about 4:30.  We saw a peep of an eye, but he wasn't ready to wake up.  Roger carried him back to the first cubby we were in and we waited as he slept.  We were told that it was best if he woke on his own.  We let him sleep for about an hour.  We then tried waking him - and tried and tried.  We offered a variety of things to entice him - but sleep was winning out!  Poor little guy was just out!

He did finally wake enough to take a few sips of apple juice and a few bites of graham cracker.  They were satisfied that this was good and also that this was a good sign that he was not going to react negatively to the meds.  He opened a gift from my sister - a cute book - but was really too tired to read it.  The nurse offered him a toy - cars - which he took but was still so very sleepy.

We left the hospital about 6pm.  We arrived home to friends and our children.  My sister and niece had left earlier.  We are grateful to both families for being here with our children!

Daniel continued to sleep until about 8:30.  He then ate some pretzels and drank some sprite.  He tried to get up to walk and fell.  A few more times he would try to stand and was just very wobbly and woozy.  They had told us it would be like this today - and possibly into tomorrow as well.

We are to keep an eye on him tonight for any unusual reactions and any vomitting.  So far, no signs of problems.  He is sleeping with Roger and I tonight to be on the safe side.  Tomorrow is to be a calm day for him - "no rough-housing". 

In terms of news, now we are going to have to wait.  We were told that it will take about 24 hours for a preliminary report.  Since the scan was done late in the afternoon, I'm not sure if it will be done by tomorrow afternoon.  The report will be sent to our eye dr since she is the one who requested the test.  I'm planning to call tomorrow to let them know that the test was completed and hopefully to hear something.  If not, we'll just wait.  We were told that it would take several days for a completed report. 

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Thank you for your prayers for our precious Daniel and for our family.  When we have more news, we will update.  For now, I'm headed to bed.  It's been a long day and I'm exhausted.