Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There is still plenty to catch up on, but I just have to post something exciting and current.  Last week-end for Easter, we were visiting our dear friends in VA.  This has become a new tradition for our families since they moved several years ago.  Just prior to moving, Joshua attended a baptism class at our church.  He has been interested in doing this, but the timing has just not worked out for us.  Our church was having a baptisms on Easter week-end. (which we obviously missed).  On a fun note though, one of our dear friends was baptized in VA while we were there!!!  What a sweet thing to be a part of!

When we were in church on Sunday, our pastor said that in case there were people wanted to get baptized last week and for some reason didn't, that they were going to have baptisms again this week!  I told Joshua this when I picked him up from Sunday school.  He wanted to think about it as it was not something we had prepared for.  A little while later, Roger texted me from church with Joshua's message ...

I want to be baptized.

So after church we gathered in a field beside the church.  Joshua met with a counselor who talked with him about why he wanted to be baptized and what his understanding was of baptism.  They had clothes for people to change into since obviously nobody came prepared.

Joshua waited in line for his turn.  Then got into the baptismal pool.  Jason Gaston (student pastor) and J.D. Greear (lead pastor) talked with him and shared some of his story.

Then it was his turn.  What a sweet privilege for our family to see one more declare his love for and faith in Jesus!  Praising God and praying that his love for his savior will grow by leaps and bounds!

Joshua was pretty excited (even though it may not look like it with his "I can't see without my glasses and while looking in the sun" face).  I am too.  I wish that we could have shared this with more friends (but it was so spur of the moment).  Rejoice with us in the celebration of this sweet day!

We celebrated a bit more with the red plate for dinner.  He was excited about that too!  :-)

Wanted to share a video from our church about Easter week-end.

Easter Video 2011

Praying that God's blessings are evident and His love overwhelming to you today!

With love