Friday, January 11, 2008

Short update

Ugh!  I just wrote a long entry - lots of thoughts and ramblings.  Sharing about our New Year's Eve.  Lots of pictures.  When I went to save it - some computer error - it's gone.  *sigh*  It's too late to redo all of that now. 

I'll share a bit about our week and then some notes about things I hope to write about soon.  (Maybe I should just put that on a to-do list.)

*My foot - I went back to the orthopaedist this week and had x-rays.  I did indeed break a bone.  Interestingly, it isn't where there is a lot of bruising.  She noted that I didn't have "something" (can't remember) growing around the break.  I asked if it should be there and she said yes.  I told her that if I should have been keeping off of my foot more, then I haven't been.  I'm able to walk  well with the boot on and I do walk about as much as I can.  She wants me to tape 2 toes together and keep wearing the boot for at least another week.  I can wear shoes then as I want.  I'll go back again in 3 weeks.  I'm not in much pain and seem to be doing fine with getting about.  I really can't complain at all! 

*Therapy for Eliana is going well.  We only had PT this week as our feeding therapist is out of town.  Eliana is slipping off the "normal" developmental curve.  It was only a matter of time before this would happen, but we are still encouraged that she is doing very well.  She is working on standing with support and we are trying to teach her to pull up.  Things she'll need to learn before learning to walk.

*Speech therapy - We have our first appointment next week.  Eliana is babbling some and we have been encouraged to go ahead and start with speech.  I'm not sure what this will entail - but I'll share more when I do know.  If this ends up being weekly, we will have 4 therapies a week.  That's quite a bit for me - and my preference for an uncluttered weekly schedule.

*Ped - We had an unexpected visit with our ped this week.  She wanted a pic with one/some of her patients (for an interview) and asked if I'd bring Eliana by for a photo.  We were most happy to oblige.  I was happy she even asked.  I love that Eliana is known and cared for by her ped (who is wonderful!). 

Things I want to post on:

*New Year's Eve - We had a blast and have lots of pictures.  I want to share our activities.  We had so much fun that we are all hoping to make this a tradition.

*Word of the year - This is from a really neat post by a friend and I want to share it all with you to encourage you in this New Year.

*Some organizations that I think are neat and making a difference in the world that I want others to know about as well.

*Homeschooling - I'd love to share some pictures and some of the things that are going on at our house.  We had an awesome field trip this week and I have some cool photos of that as well.

Sometime it's hard for me to write on some of these things.  Items that seem so unimportant in comparison to all that we've dealt with in the last year.  I remember well struggling with 'normal everyday things" when we were trying so hard just to accomplish basic things for survival.  I wonder sometimes if this stuff is too light, unimportant?  Is this what I'm here to be doing?

I used to think that life was about finding ways to be happy, to help others and to live a good life.  I'm not saying any of those things are wrong, but I think that there is so much more.  I think we are called to live a life of purpose, to be challenged, to take risks and at times to do things that make sense to nobody else just because it is what God wants us to do.  I've been pondering a lot of things and wondering what God is calling me to do.  What changes do I need to make in my life in order to do what He wants me to do?  Am I bringing glory to Him?  Am I willing to step out in faith and do His work for me?

I do think it's good to share our light, fun and happy times.  I want so much for people to know that life with a child with special needs is not dreary or burdensome.  Yes, there are burdens, but I don't feel that my life has a weight on it due to Eliana.  I feel just the opposite - incredibly blessed that this precious little girl was chosen by God to be a part of our family.  I want others to be able to share in this blessing - even if it's just from knowing us via this blog. 

I am thankful for many things.  God has blessed me in ways I could never have imagined.  

With love,