Friday, April 16, 2010

A date to remember

This date is one that is engraved in my mind and heart already.  One of the hardest and also most joyous dates I've experienced.  A date in which I handed to God something that was His anyway and trusted Him for the best.  It was one of the most difficult things I've been called to do as a mom.

Its a date that is in my heart, and one we have celebrated as a family.  Did you notice the "ticker" at the top of my blog?  The one right under Eliana's picture?  It doesn't look much like a ticker, but it is there counting the days nonetheless.  I remember putting the ticker on my blog.  It was the day that we "picked" a date for Eliana's heart surgery.  What an odd thing to pick a date for in my mind. 

Three years.  It has been three years since my baby started the day with two holes in her heart.  Started the day being kept alive with medications.  Started the day in heart failure.  Ended the day with a repaired heart.  At the time there were still many unknowns.  Would she smile?  Would she have complications?  Would she be here long?  The answers were all the best.  Yes, she smiled.  I still remember that first one - in the hospital at Christopher.  Thankfully, no complications which also sent us home early. 

This is Eliana's Heart Day.  A day in which we celebrate the life of our little  Princess.  A day in which we give thanks to God for healing her.  A day in which we give thanks.

Our celebrations have been small, but still sweet.  I think it's good to have markers like this in your life in which you give thanks.  I remember before Eliana's surgery having to come to the point of being able to give thanks to God regardless of the outcome.  Of having to know that He is good, regardless of how things turned out.  That may sound easy, but even as I type, tears are brimming in my eyes.  I'm so very thankful that He chose to use our surgeon's hands to bring healing.  As a tear slips down my face, I'm again thankful for this sweet girl he has placed in our family.  Indeed, God is good.

I haven't firmed up plans for later in the day since we have another big event this morning.  Thankfully, I do have a precious friend that is helping me to make plans.  She remembers this date too.  That is precious to my heart (especially since I'm *terrible* at remembering most dates!!!)  More later on our heart day.

For now, this day holds another milestone.  We are once again headed to the hospital for something that will make a change in our lives.  This one though on a much smaller scale than heart surgery.  This appointment holds no fear, no worries, no letting go.  It's something we are excited about and ready to handle.  We are off to get Joshua hooked up to the pump.  He is ready.  I am too.

Will post more later today if I'm able to.  Give those you love a big hug today.  Thank God for the time you have to spend with them.  Make the most of this day.  Cherish the moments.  Thank God!