Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday update on Eliana

Well, things are better - and a little worse.  Overall, she is healing from whatever nasty bug she has gotten.  Thankfully, nobody else has come down with it.  RK, I think you are probably right on what it is - rotavirus.  Not sure we'll know for sure (though they did do a stool culture, so maybe?).  Not that it matters at this point in terms of  treating it.  She is not vomitting, is able to eat some and fever has subsided.

The worse part is her diaper rash.  It's red and bloody (at times - not all the time but getting more frequent).  Poor sweet baby just cries when I lay her on the changing table.  :-(  She is sounding hoarse from her crying too.  It's so hard to have a little one in pain and feel that you can't do anything about it.  At least this pain is something that *I* can tolerate as I know it will get better.  When she was in pain after her heart surgery - that was scary and very hard for me to handle.  (I know it isn't about me, but as a mom I just want to take away her pain.) 

Anyway, I'm trying a variety of tips and tricks I've received from friends and hoping that some/any of them will help.  I've spent much of the day trying to help - and consequently my house is a WRECK!  We've gotten no schoolwork done - except the Bible lesson that Rebecca did for the little boys.  Guess a day off is good for all of us.  Oh, and speaking of Rebecca - she made all of us breakfast!  A beautifully decorated table and delightful smells greeted me when I came downstairs.  She had made french toast, fried pepperonis, breadsticks, fresh fruit and juice/milk for all of us.  What a sweet way to start the day!  Oh, and it was brunch which was even nicer for me since I got very little sleep last night as  Eliana was most uncomfortable.

I spent a good part of the afternoon trying some tips to help with her diaper rash.  I was told that rinsing instead of wiping and letting her have a good long soak would help.  So we tried this.  I had just spent several hours trying to get her to eat.  :-(  I thought getting her comfortable and then tube feeding her seemed like a good choice.  After her bath, I laid her in her crib and let her "air out".  I tried hooking up her tube which she did not want!  She tried pushing my hands away and cried for me to stop.  I did finally get her hooked in though.

After starting her food, I soaked a cotton ball with mylanta (to help with the acid) and dabbed it onto the diaper rash.  I continued to let it air dry.  I tried doing some laundry in between - and while I wasn't looking, she pulled out her feeding tube and fed the mattress.  *sigh*  I don't miss that!  I cleaned that up and started a new feed.  After letting her air out for awhile, I also put some diaper cream on, some cornstarch (to dry it out) on top and then a fresh diaper.  Within moments, she had diarrhea again.

My first thought was - I can't do this all day.  Then of course I realized that I can.  I can do this if it is what she needs.  It may mean that other things don't get done, but isn't that what happens in life?  We make choices with our time every day.  I've been trying to change my focus and instead of viewing interuptions as messing up my plans, I'm trying to think that this may be what God has planned for me today.  Whether it is an interuption of tending to a sick child or having a discussion that takes time away from something else, helping a friend instead of cleaning or whatever.  God has ordered my days and I need the reminder that my plans aren't the most important thing.  I'm hoping that I won't miss out on what God has planned for me by being so very focused on my own agenda.  This is a hard thing for me as I tend to be list-oriented and driven to accomplish things.  I'm learning - and I'm sure will have to continue to learn - to relax in regards to time, expectations and more.

I'm rambling for a few moments while I can.  LOL  I need to run to the store to try some different creams that have been recommended by friends.  I'm going to go see what I can find that might be a better help.  I appreciate prayers for wisdom in helping Eliana, wisdom in how I spend my time and mostly healing for our little girl.

I'm thankful that I can be home with her.  I'm thankful that she is feeling better.  I'm thankful that nobody else is sick.  I'm thankful for a dear friend that brought us a delicious dinner on Saturday - enough for several meals.  (Thank you Heather!)  I'm thankful that while my little girl isn't feeling well, that she is well enough for me to care for her at home and doesn't need a trip to the hospital. 

With a grateful heart,