Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prayers for health

We would love prayers for health here.  Sweet Eliana is having drainage - which at times is a runny nose (clear).  This is making it hard for her to eat.  Today was especially poor.  Only 3.5 bottles from the 5 she is supposed to have.

I forgot to share another piece of her ped visit the other day.  We talked about removing the g-tube.  I want it out - and our ped knows that.  She wants to wait through the sick season in case we need to use the tube to avoid a hospital trip for dehydration.  I understand that and have agreed that this is for the best.  I also don't want to use the tube at all!!!  I don't want to have it delayed if we do choose to use it.  I know she can go a short time with less food, but not for long.  It's hard to know sometimes.  We just pray and do our best.  I've spent much time being dehydrated myself (pregnancies) and hope that I would recognize it in my daughter. 

Our ped asked when I was thinking about getting it out - and I replied probably April.  She sighed and responded that was great as she was thinking end of March.  She wants to see another couple of months of increased weight gain before she is comfortable recommending removal of the tube. 

In other news, we had snow!  Not much - but the children enjoyed what there was of it.  We have photos that I'll try to post tomorrow.  I think  you will get a real chuckle out of most of them!  I know I did.

Thank you once again for prayers for our sweet girl.  I held her for many hours today in order to keep her upright to help with her breathing.  What a privilege to have the time to just hold our precious girl.

With love,