Friday, September 11, 2009

Test results are in

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragment.   I'm sorry it's taken me awhile to get back.  My day was non-stop and I also just needed some time to think things through. 

We have some diagnoses.

*AD/HD - Hyperactivity/Impulsive
*Learning disability in reading
*Learning disability in writing (this was a very weak area) 
*Significant weakness in working memory
*Processing speed is lower

Here are some of the recommendations. 
*medication for the ADHD.    That's really not a first route I want to try.  We'd need to meet with a pediatric pyschiatrist for this. 
*OT eval and therapy to assess his fine motor and writing abilities
*a LOT of ways to present information for reading, writing, math, etc.  I will need to make some changes in how he is taught or presented information.  Will probably try to meet with a specialist to help me with this. 
*Evaluating his hearing to determine if there may be auditory processing
*possible therapy

The bright spot was hearing that cognitively he is very smart.   Also, his executive functioning appears to be intact.  His strengths are in visual processing and verbal processing.

From here, I'll be looking to set up more appointments for him to see what our options are for helping him.  Hearing that he is in a "window of opportunity" is good as it means this is a critical time to help him.  It is also a little scary as I don't want to mess him up.  Based on the recommendations (learning around as few students as possible, quiet setting, allowed to move/stand when working, lots of physical activity), I'm so thankful that we are homeschooling him.  It would be very hard for him to be in a traditionaly classroom.  

None of this was a huge surprise - though I would have loved hearing less.  One of the things we had to do (parents) was to fill out some questionnaires about Isaiah.  Mine pretty much highlighted his areas of struggle.  The tester told me that I was correct in my suspicions.  It is a nice thing to know your child well, though this is one of those times I wouldn't have minded being wrong (meaning there was no problem at all). 

More to learn.  More to research.  More.  More.  More.  I know God is carrying me because the load is just too much some days.  I've cried several times - not just because of the diagnosis, but also the bigger picture. 

I would love continued prayers and encouragment.  I know that I need to depend on God to give me the support I need, but sometimes it just is nice to hear that I'm doing a good job.  That I can do this task I've been called to.  That I am capable. 

Having so many issues - and all so different - can feel very daunting.  Sometimes I feel so inadequate.  He is strong though.  My plate seemed quite full awhile back and yet there is still more room.  Some days I feel so burdened and yet I also feel blessed beyond measure.  Through all of it, He is there.  He is good.  He loves me.  I know this to be true.  I'm blessed and I'm thankful!

Thank you for praying for us.  My next round of requests will be in another week when we have a series of medical appointments and procedures.  We'll be awaiting more news and hoping not to be facing surgeries.  I'll be sure to let you know. 

I'm very thankful for the many friends and family that have helped to carry the load for me so very many times over the last 2-3 years.  It's been a path with turns and twists I never expected.  It would have been much harder without your prayers and words of encouragment.