Monday, August 6, 2007

Birthdays ... how can they be bittersweet?

It's early ... well, for me it is.  My day ended late last night and began earlier than I wanted this morning with my 2 youngest boys up at 6am.  Everyone else is asleep even now 2 hours later.  Wish I was one of them.  I'm hoping a nap is in order later in the day!

Birthdays ... we celebrate 4 of them this week between Catherine's family and mine (mostly her family with 3 of them).  Her girls had a fun party yesterday.  As we were preparing - running errands, getting food and games ready - Catherine gave me a hug.  I know that the thoughts running through my mind were in hers too even though they were unspoken. 

We have done birthday parties together for so many years.  We even joked at times about starting a party business - sometime when ours were all bigger.  We have always helped each other - baking/decorating cakes (her for me), decorating, running errands, and anything else that needed to be done.  We've been celebrating birthdays together for 17 years now.  Our birthdays are just 3 days apart.  I counted in my mind that we have celebrated about 100 birthdays between us and our children.  We both can't help but wonder how this will change.  We'll find out soon as two of my boys have birthdays next month - just 6 days apart - like her girls. 

Oh, this probably isn't the best way to start the day - pondering, thinking and crying.  I don't understand God's timing in all of this.  I remember when Eliana was born how often I heard people remark that I was fortunate to have Catherine to walk this road with me (she also has a child with DS).  I know that she will still be there, but not in the tangible way that we are both used to.  Living beside each other has been an incredible blessing. 

I can't type more.  My heart just hurts.  Please pray for my precious friend as their move is drawing close.  Please  pray for our families as this is hard for our children, but mostly for Catherine and I.  I'll write more later about our week and some of the positives with Eliana's feeding.

Thank you friends for praying.