Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Battleship North Carolina

Part 2 of our beach post.  More on our current week and field trip today - tomorrow.  :-) 

On our way home from the beach, we decided to stop by the Battleship.  We had seen it on our way down and Isaiah was very interested in going on it.  We went there with our History group, but at that time Isaiah was very small - and Daniel was still tucked inside. 

We had a beautiful day and there were lots of other people there wanting to visit it too!  The crowds and tight places were a little difficult for Isaiah.  I was surprised as he had wanted to go so very much.  God was gracious to give me patience to work with him despite the crowds waiting on us.  Things did improve and though he wanted to exit numerous times, I think overall he remembers it positively.

Here are some photos.  This was just outside the battleship.

We started in a small museum where there were models of all of the USS North Carolinas throught he years. 

There was also a dress up area which of course my boys wanted to do!

Then we toured.  You are able to go on so much of the ship and learn about what life was like on it.  It is definitely worth a stop if you are interested at all!

This is from the bakery - the muffin trays were HUGE!

The bunks for the enlisted men were 4 deep!   Talk about tight quarters!

Lots to explore, touch and learn about.

A fun family field trip.