Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life is hectic

I had really planned for July to be a slow month.  There was a lot white space on my calendar.  That ended up being a good thing because my time has been needed in other places.  Life has just unfolded differently than I thought it would.  I'm thankful that it was easy for me to make the changes and turn in different directions.

Spending time with my parents as hard decisions are made.  Just being there to love them, pray with them and encourage them.  They have done so much for me and I am very thankful for them.  It is difficult though to see them struggle and to feel so helpless in the midst of it.

Spending time with my oldest son to learn more about his summer.  I have missed him.  We all have.  It was good to see where he is living and what he is doing and to meet some of his friends.  We had a great time and I'll be posting more details soon.

The contrasts in the visits made me reflect on life.  How fast it moves at times and how slowly at others.  How your mind feels  young even when your body doesn't.  How relationships are really what matters.  Not things.  People.  And that one relationship is really what sustains you no matter what your age or stage in life.

I'm leaving for a few days to attend the National Down Syndrome Congress convention in DC.  I'm excited about learning more and hoping to come home with tools to better help Eliana.  And after all of this running, I'm hoping to stay put - for a few days anyway.

I'm going to enjoy the white space on my calendar.  Knowing too that I am willing to fill it if and when I am needed somewhere else.  God has ordained my steps.  He knew that there would be other things going on this summer.  I'm thankful that my calendar wasn't too full to be there for all that He had planned for me.

In the midst of it all - tears and laughter, sorrow and joy, challenges and discoveries - God has been there with me.  Guiding me and holding me.  I wish I could say I was always listening.  Still so much to  learn in that area.

Praying that this week brings blessings and joys to you and your family!