Monday, December 10, 2012

Wee Gillis - FIAR

What a delightful story that takes place in Scotland.  We all took the week to explore some fun topics with this story.  In the book, a young man must decide if he is going to live in the highlands or the lowlands.  He learns things while living with his relatives in each place and the ending is a great one involving a bagpipe.  I won't share more as I don't want to spoil it.

Our FIAR group chose this book for our annual Family Event this year (so yes, there will be another post to follow soon on this event).  In order to get into the mood of the day, we made/found costumes.  I made these kilts for the boys.  They were very easy and I thought that they looked great.

Daniel was so taken with this story.  He loves making sure that we reenact as many of the details as possible.  He wanted to make a bagpipe.  Well, I think he initially wanted me to make a bagpipe, but I told him that I couldn't.  He improvised and came up with his own version using the various "pipes" and flutes that we have attached to a large baggie.  Very creative, isn't it?

We spent one morning doing some fun experiments on sound and lung capacity found in the Usborne book of Science Activities volume 2.  
Water in the air when you breathe on the glass.
We talkeed about how sound is made through vibrations.
This is easily demonstrated with a rubber band.
A noisemaker where you can feel the vibrations on the paper at the end of the tube.
Noticing how sound changes based on the size of the straw.  Lots of musical instruments make sounds because the air vibrates inside of them.

A similar experiment done with changing the water levels in bottles.
I love snuggling up with my sweeties and sharing a fun story!
I'm thankful that we have this time to share and make memories together.

This book will long be a favorite due to the rest of the events we planned around the story.  More to come soon.