Friday, March 5, 2010

One Million Arrows - Book Review

I received an email request about a month or so ago asking if I would review a book.  I was a little surprised to receive the request, but thought I'd check it out.  I looked up the website and thought it looked like a book I would be interested in reading so I agreed.  I'm so very glad that I did.  For whatever reason, I'm thankful for God's part in making sure this book landed in my hands and spoke deeply to my heart. 

The name of the book is One Million Arrows.  It is an incredibly powerful and engaging book.  If you have children or are involved in impacting the lives of children, I highly recommend this book.  The whole premise is looking at children and equipping them so that they will change the world ... instead of the world changing them.  I'm going to share some of my thoughts on the book as well as some of the promotional information about the book. 

One Million Arrows book coverTime is short and lives are at stake. Right now, God is inviting your family to become part of a bigger story a vision that will engage your hearts to make a radical difference. One Million Arrows is an inspirational call to raise your kids to impact their culture, community, and world for Christ.

If you want your kids to discover their purpose, if you want them to live with a passion for the Kingdom, if you want your family to go down in His-Story, accept the mission . . . and leave a mark for eternity.

Discover what's possible for your children by

  • Recognizing that time is short and they are here to help save lives.

  • Helping them discover their unique God-given mission in life.

  • Shaping them as arrows in the hands of Jesus Christ, ready for the mission.

  • Creating a sense of adventure for the whole family.

  • Engaging in the lives of others, especially children around the world.

  • Watching them live out God's dreams for them.

I appreciated the tangible ideas of things to do with my children to make a difference in their lives.  This is not just a book with lofty ideals, it is also filled with practical steps you can take as a family to help change lives - starting with your own!

I was taken with the stories of other families impacting the world in various ways.  None of us have been given the same set of circumstances and so the way that we carry out the vision of living for Christ will be different for each family.  I still think you will find inspiration in hearing and learning about what others are doing and how it is working for their families.

As I read this book, I underlined so many passages!  This is not just a book to be read once as there is so much meat there.  I made notes on things I wanted to do for my own family and am so very excited about the impact that it will have on all of us.

As Christians, we want to make a difference.  We want to be on fire for God.  We want to live in a way that others can see His work in us.  We want to reach others with this message of love and grace.  I'm encouraged to do this by all that I've read in this book.

You can visit author Julie Ferweda's blog to learn more about One Million Arrows vision and training materials.  You can order the book from amazon.  Since Julie has a heart for orphans, she has designated that all proceeds from the sale of the book will be used for international orphan ministry.  I highly encourage you to read this book.  You won't be sorry!

If I can answer any questions, please feel free to ask!