Thursday, June 26, 2008

Curious George Birthday Party

More on Daniel’s birthday party. Curious George was a fun and easy theme to work with!  Daniel  helped pick out supplies at a local party store and was especially thrilled with the Curious George pinata.  He proudly carried it out of the store - announcing that he was strong enough to do it.  We put the pinata in Eliana's seat beside Daniel for the ride home and Daniel "held his hand".  It was cute!

On the day of the party, Daniel and his siblings helped to get things ready.  We made beanbags, drew posters of Curious George, made cakes and cleaned up a little too.  We planned to have the party outside, but I thought it a good idea to get things ready inside – just in case.

We started the party with some simple games – Feed the monkey (children tossed beanbags into the monkey’s mouth) and Pin the Banana on the Monkey.  I was going to do "tail", but realized that Curious George doesn’t have a tail in any of the books we looked in.  We also had a scavenger hunt for bananas hidden around the yard and played "Rotten Banana" (like Hot Potato).

(Note:  Daniel dressed himself - complete with an extra shirt, policeman's hat, a tie, a belt and ... a nametag!  We had them at an event the previous night with Roger's work and he liked it, so he wore it.  lol  He is a silly boy.)

Unfortunately, it started to rain about this time.  We moved the party inside and poor Roger grilled our dinner in the rain!  It was yummy and we were all thankful for his hard work.

After dinner, Daniel opened gifts, ate cake and then did the pinata.  This one was not one that you hit, but rather just pulled the strings.  Plenty of candy for everyone.

I had to include one more photo of Daniel with some gifts his Grandparents Nelsen sent to him.  A dress shirt and tie (which he has wanted to wear every day since!!!), a hat and a watch.  He is thrilled with all of these and the other wonderful gifts too!  Isn't he cute?!

We are thankful for Daniel and the precious gift he is to our family!