Friday, October 3, 2008

September Catch-up Post

Just wanted to combine some of the things that have been going on around here or I'll never get caught up.  lol  Catching up seems like something I'm trying to do in so many areas of my life.  I feel like my head is flying in a million directions - and yet I do want to simplify.  It must not seem like it, though much of our business is not my choice.  I am thankful for the opportunities we have and seek to make the most of them.  Here's a look at our past month (with the exception of one more birthday that will get it's own post, along with a birthday party).

Sports.  Christopher is playing football.  Contact.  *sigh*  It's not the sport that I thought one of my children would be playing, but he really enjoys it!  It's been fun seeing his interest in the sport both on and off of the field.  I'm learning a lot too.  He has been working hard and it shows.  He is number 22.

It's been hard to get good action shots where you can tell who is who in the photos. 

Eliana getting some help from Isaiah as they explore the park.

Rebecca is playing soccer.  She has been doing this for many years now (since she was 4).  We debated joining a more competitive league, but the time commitment (and driving distances) was just too much for now.  She has remained in a city league.  She is enjoying the game and it's fun to watch her play.

Science.  We do a weekly science lab with friends.  Christopher and his friend Dillon have been doing science labs for years now - this is their 4th.  They are doing Chemistry this year.  This wasn't my strong suit in school, but Christopher likes science and thankfully hasn't needed too much of my help.  Honestly trying to figure out those formulas - yikes!  I can see why I was not a science major!

Rebecca has started a general science course with her friend Hanna.  She wasn't sure she was going to like it - in fact, she didn't want to do it.  She reluctantly went into the year, but after a couple of weeks has found that it is a lot of fun!  I credit some of that to the course and the labwork.  We are using Rainbow Science.

The hands-on lab experiments really make the learning fun - and it helps you to understand more clearly the concepts being explained.  Rebecca is learning about "force". 

Elections.  We have started a study on the elections.  We are using a combination of things - websites, books and a lapbook study.  When we decided on this topic of study months ago, there was no way to know just how interesting it was going to get!  My oldest two have read/watched the debates and many other items of interest.  We also enjoyed the game Hail to the Chief with our friends.

One of the projects suggested on a website was to hold a primary or caucus.  Christopher had planned to do this for dessert one night, but some early snacking (of the desserts!) interupted his plans.  Rebecca chose to have a primary to determine breakfast.  She set up a voting booth (in the bathroom) along with the ballots and the choices.

She helped make a grocery list and then the following morning cooked the winning choice.  (It was a surprise win as she didn't announce it until it was ready to eat.)  The following morning she cooked the second runner-up as it was a close race.  :-)  It was a treat for all of us!

Learner's Permit.  After looking for - and not finding - one of the documents needed to get the permit, we started the process of replacing it.  Waiting and waiting - and then finally success!  Yes, we have another driver at our house!  :-)  Thankfully the permit doesn't affect the insurance rates.  Yikes!

We celebrated with a plate of doughnuts - his choice.  I did put a car on top for fun. 

Little Mended Hearts Picnic - This is an annual event sponsored by the Triangle group.  We went last year and were happy to be invited back again this year.  The event is fun for all of us.  It's held at a nearby park and is attended by some of the Duke cardiology staff as well as families (like us). 

There were firefighters there as well as Sparky the firedog.  The boys enjoyed this!  Below, Joshua is with Sparky and Isaiah is in the firetruck.

There was also a face painter who does amazing work (see Rebecca's face) and a man blowing up balloons.  Check out Daniel's fun hat!

We ate a great lunch and enjoyed music throughout the event.  Eliana especially enjoyed the music.

Rebecca was able to sell more of her bracelets.  I need to update our numbers at some point.  I'm not sure where she is at this point.  I know it's over $7000 total though.

That's all for now.  More later.  Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!