Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beyond Co-op: The Saturdays 4

For our final meeting of our study of The Saturdays, we studied birds.  We began by looking at pictures of birds and seeing how many we could identify.  

Then we heard bird calls to see if we could match up the calls with the birds.
Isn't this a beautiful program that one of our talented moms and her dh made for us?
Next we went outside to try out our knowledge in finding/listening to real birds.
They loved exploring and listening.
And were able to identify quite a few.
Some worked in pairs or groups while others were alone.
After a short time, we gathered to hear about what the others had heard.
In the second part of our morning, we talked about flight.  This was a fun follow-up to our most recent co-op as some of the topics were similar and it is always great to build on what you have just learned.

This was an experiment on Newton's Laws of motion.  They tried to see how fast they could run past the balloons.

Next they were to see how fast they could run and touch each balloon.
Lastly, they tried to see how fast they could move if there were going to pop each balloon.

All of this was tied into flight.  Our instructor today was an older sibling taking over for a sick mama.  And what a fabulous job she did.  She talked with them about some of the principles of flight while building their own planes.  They also discussed Bernoulli's principle.

They used paper and straws and were able to construct their own designs.

I'm not sure why I didn't get any more pictures of our food.  LOL  There were apples, chocolate covered sunflower seeds (yum), pretzels, and little cupcakes.  There were more foods I'm sure, but at this point I don't remember what.  LOL
I do remember that food sparked a conversation with the mama's on this day.  We talked about health and how foods contributed to our own health.  And as our conversation wound around, we talked about juicing and decided to try this out together.  It has been a great experiment and I will share more on it soon.  I love that learning is not confined but something that is shared and continues on at each step of our lives.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miscellaneous happenings in Feb

I thought I'd do a quick peek at some of the February happenings that I didn't blog about.  A peek into some of the fun and silliness and other happenings around our home.

Our tradition for Valentines day has always been pizza - usually a heart shaped one with the words I love you written on it in pepperoni.  We made 2 gluten free pizzas this year with a crust of cream cheese and cheese.  It is yummy.  It takes some prep time though so isn't something to do at the last minute.  I made heart shaped pepperonis for one and our words for the other.

 Shot of most of the family.
 Tried to cut the carrots into hearts, but I think they look more like Pac-man.
 Some cute little treat packages that I made.  :-)

Isaiah started his science experiment.  He is comparing a fast food hamburger and fries to home cooked to see what happens to each over time.  Here is day one with the fast food.  Will post more on this in April when the experiment ends.

 The weather has been so variable - from week to week and sometimes even from day to day.  We have had a small amount of snow - very small.  Here you can see the start of it one day.  We have not had any that stuck this year.
 We have also had lots of gorgeous, hang out int he sun type of days!  The Eno (hammock) was a gift from Christopher and the boys love it!
 We have been attending Awana on Sunday nights.  Eliana loves when her name is called for a new badge for her vest.  She loves standing on the stage.
 Daniel is a bit more serious on stage.  But then his award was a big one.
 Daniel earns his Sparky Award.  I know I already posted, but this is a good one to share again.  :-)

We share smiles and laughter while playing games and just being together.  (Pretty, pretty princess is a hit around here.)

We are sometimes silly.  Laughter is good for the soul!

 With sadness, our family gathers to honor the memory of my uncle who passed away.  He served his country as a Marine, and also served his family and community for many years.  It was wonderful to see so many of my relatives that I had not seen for a long time.  Its a sad reason to gather, but I'm thankful for my uncle's life and legacy.

Our legacy is such an important thing.  Are we investing our time and talents where it matters most?  Are we using the gifts God has given us for His good and His glory?  

 I'm thankful for all the gifts God has given me and though I fall often, I seek to follow Him.

Praying for you that God would bless and encourage your heart today.

In His love

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Before FIAR Co-op: I am an Artist

This is a co-op based on the book, I am an Artist by Pat Lowery Collins.  This book highlights all of the ways you can find art in nature.  Its a beautiful look at the world God has created for us to enjoy!

Eliana came to co-op with her newest friend.  He has been following her around a lot for the last month of so!  Its Daniel's and he has generously shared.  
For our devotion, the story of creation was shared with the children.
After talking about what was made on each day ...
they were given a set of circles, each depicting a day in creation, to put in order.
There were all sorts of things to explore as the child in the book did.  We used our five senses to explore different things.  Like shells and hearing the sound inside of it.
And smells to see what they could recognize.
Even tastes to explore too.
Look at the rainbow that is made when light hits the CDs.
Eliana wanted Curious George to feel the softness of the cotton too.

And beautiful treasures from the sea to touch and take home.

This was the only picture I took of our snack.  Can you see the star in the center of the apple?  You only find it when you cut it across which it not the typical way that we cut this fruit.  I love the details in so many things that point to a Creator!
The children made cloud pictures using a cotton ball attached to a clothespin.  They dipped the cotton ball into white paint and made the clouds on their blue paper sky.
This is Eliana's paper.  She just wouldn't do it.  I'm not sure why she really does ever want to do the crafts.  THis was a perfect one for her to try.  I'll have to remember to do it at home.  She has loved when I followed up and repeated the craft just for her.

The children also had a chance to try their hands at spin art.  Just squeeze in color onto a spinning circle.  It was neat.  Again though, Eliana was not interested in joining in.  

The bigger kids did another chapter from the Mad Scientist Club.  Rebecca helped Daniel with this amazing project!  Its a paper mache' balloon complete with basket, aviator, flames, ladder, ballast, etc.  I'm not sure if you can enlarge it if you click on it, but it really is a neat project!  This was taken as part of the "show and tell" at the beginning of the morning.  Each child can bring something that ties in - in any way - to the story.  I love seeing Rebecca getting interested and helping in their projects too.
The kids were treated to having one of the Dads teach the co-op on this day.  What a blessing.

Fun science experiments abounding!
They all had a wonderful time.

Fabulous morning!  I'm thankful for friends to share this time with each month!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This was a fun outing with our homeschool group.  This started a number of years ago as a way to show off the art that the children did while using FIAR.  It has evolved to include music, drama and other talents as well.  

Sweet sharing of scripture by siblings.
We had piano, guitar and other instruments which were played.

The children enjoyed watching and hearing their friends.
Is this not the sweetest?  Mom and Dad joining in with their daughter while she sings an original composition!  Beautiful!
Isaiah did a stop action movie using his Legos.
A duet
Guitar playing and singing.
We also had tables around the room with lots of art!
Each was listed with the child's name so we knew who the artist was for each piece.

We had displays from children of all ages from 3 to 17.  I love the variety.
Can you see the detail in these tiny pieces of art?!
We have great variety in art too from pottery to drawings, legos to painting and more.
This is Daniel's Lego piece reflecting the story of Papa Piccolo.  I wish you could see the details he included like the cardboard box that the cats slept in and more.
This is Eliana's snowman to go along with The Snowy Day.  We did this in co-op though she actually really did hers at home.
These are some of the notebooks that my boys keep with the FIAR studies in it.
So much there and my pictures don't capture it all!

This is our group of participants.

This was just a fun picture at the end of the morning of a cup/clapping game that the older girls were playing.

This is a fun and low key way to share art/talent within a group.  I encourage you to try it if you  haven't before.