Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cops & Robbers Party - Retropost

One more retropost from September.  I think I'll have one more and then can move into October - maybe right before we finish the month!  lol

We celebrated 2 birthdays in September - Joshua and Isaiah.  Since their birthdays are just 6 days apart, we typically have a joint party.  This has worked well.  Only one year did they choose different themes - and it was nuts having 2 different things going on!!!  Now, I work hard to help them chose a theme that with which they are both happy.  This year, it was Cops and Robbers.

I found this cute cake pattern online.  We started with activities.  The children made police vests and hats when they arrived.  Not real comfortable to wear though, so we just took a photo with them and then moved on. 

The first activity was a scavenger hunt.  They learned that "Brooke the Crook" had stolen the birthday pinata and it was up to them to find her - and the candy.  They had a series of clues that they had to decipher and then do an activity before locating the next clue.  For example, in the photo below the activity is to build a tower taller than the birthday boys.

After a series of clues, the did find the loot.

They led the crook to jail. 

While she was in jail, they throw wet sponges at her.  She was a good sport about it!

Next, we had a series of activites including the following.

*Deciphering coded messages for a piece of candy (this one was popular)

*Making art by driving cars throw paint (see photo below)

*Playing red light, green light.

We ate cake and ice cream, opened gifts and finished off the party with a game of cops and robbers.  This one was a bit different.  There was a bank (our back deck) where the loot (water balloons) were located.  The robbers (in the tree area) were to try to steal the loot.  The game ended up being a bit difficult so we made some modifications so the loot was actually attainable.  The crooks when caught could be thrown into the jail. 

We ended with a pinata.  More candy for everyone.  lol 

It was a fun day and we enjoyed celebrating our boys!  Hope you enjoyed the photos.