Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random thoughts and happenings here

As time goes on, I know healing will occur.  I'm thankful that time does help - to heal and also to give a different perspective on things.  Sometimes when I think back to difficult times, it all seems sort of hazy.  Even the pain is hazy - which is good.

My sweet children are keeping me busy - and distracted - which is a good thing most of the time.  (One of them is really working on my patience though!)  I'm thankful for the distraction of their laughter and silliness.  It really is a sweet gift.

We are planning some sort of small memorial for our baby by planting a rose bush in memory of him/her.  We did this in the past and I liked it.  Though we aren't always so good at keeping plants well tended. 

A couple of people have mentioned naming our little one.  I've thought of it and pondered it.  Its something I think I'd like to do, though at this point we haven't decided.  It seems a sweet remembrance.


Eliana signed her first word yesterday!  This occurred during her speech therapy.  Her therapist is wonderful - kind, active and involved.  I had told her that Eliana didn't seem all that interested in the couple of signs we had been doing.  Guess she is taking in more than I realize - isn't that always the case?!  Want to know the sign?  Ball.  She likes to roll the ball back and forth with someone - or toss it off for us to go  get.  LOL  We were all very excited to see her little hands coming together to say this word!


Tomorrow we celebrate Christopher's birthday - 15!  Can he really be that old?  Can I?  LOL  We haven't planned much yet as we can't get much out of him in terms of what he would like to do.  Hopefully we'll have some inspiration or in any case just fun celebrating with this special young man.  This wonderful son - the one that made me a mom!


This week-end, Eliana and I have plans to go away to visit friends.  It will be my first week-end away since Eliana was born.  My last one was a sweet trip to Chicago with Rebecca, my mom, sister and niece.  Such a lot has happened since then.  I'm not sure I'm really feeling up to going.  I don't really "feel" like doing much of anything but just hanging close to home, kwim?  These are sweet friends though and I think it would be a fun time.  The getting there - flying - will be a little bit challenging, though I'm hoping Eliana will be a good traveller.


We've been working on school the last couple of days.  It adds some structure, fun and distraction to our days.  Daniel loves doing a book and activity (Before Five in a Row).  This week we are rowing Snowy Day (I know - no snow here!).  We have learned about stop lights - played games, colored, sang songs and more.  Today he had fun making a paper snowman.  He asked if the big ball was the head.  LOL  You can tell the poor boy hasn't had experience with making one!


I've started a new study this week.  If you need some prompting on one, check out this blog.  Go to the entry on March 8 to read before starting it.


I need to add more photos.  I haven't been taking many lately.  Hopefully soon.

Thank you for your prayers and sweet notes.  I'm grateful for each of them.  I am blessed in many ways.  I'm so thankful to know God as I can't imagine walking through life without Him.