Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updates and a look at our week ahead

Things are busy here - no change there.  Just thought I'd do a quick update. 

Yesterday, Eliana met with the cardiologist.  She was very displeased to be there.  She fussed at EVERYTHING!  Fussed about blood pressure (so they didn't even try), fussed about having her height and weight taken, fussed about having her temp taken.  You get the idea.  She was fine until someone else wanted to touch or look at her.  Her ped told me this was an appropriate developmental stage.  LOL

Her EKG went well and it all looked good.  Her physical exam was also good.  Based on her size and how she is doing (and maybe a little on how she was acting?), the cardiologist decided not to have an echocardiogram done.  He wasn't sure the sedation would be effective on her due to her being on the cusp size-wise and I don't think either of us thought she'd be still for an unsedated look.  I was fine with that and so we were able to go home a little early.

Joshua went with us and he wanted to play a little in the outside play area.  It was a beautiful and chilly day and he and Eliana had fun playing.  We hadn't ever stopped at this play spot before as it has always just been Eliana and I. 

I'm thankful for a good report on her heart. 

Someone had asked for more details on  Daniel as my earlier post was a little vague.  I talked with a nurse today trying to follow-up about our referral.  We haven't yet heard about a new appointment and she is hoping we'll hear something by Thursday.  We should be scheduled for the first available time slot.  The doctor's notes on Daniel are "optic nerve pallor".  Basically it means the color of his optic nerve is pale and not the color it should be.  It's in just one eye and is noted as "prominent".  I have to confess that a quick google search (I know, why do I do that?) does not make me feel good about any of these words.  I just want our little boy to be fine.  I really just want nothing new to be diagnosed here!  I don't want to worry (I know it does no good), but it can be hard.  I do best just trying not to think about it.  Some days it is just too much, kwim?

Our week ahead is a full one.  I'm coordinating a field trip for our FIAR group.  It's to a new place and I need to work on final details to get it all ready.  We'll be doing some outdoor survival with the older kids and other nature topics with the younger ones.  The weather is predicted to be beautiful so I'm looking forward to a fun outing.

Both of our boys are scheduled to play in the State Championship games of the Homeschool Football League this week-end!  Rebecca also has a soccer game in between the boys' games.  This will be the last of our "Sports Saturdays" for awhile.  (Rebecca has one more game, but it conflicts with our homeschool group's Family Event.)   

As of this evening, Joshua decided that he wanted to miss his last game so that he can participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for the Cure which is the same time as his game.  This is something he was interested in doing and we have talked about since he was in the hospital with a new diagnosis.  The game though was not something he wanted to miss - until now.  So, we need to make plans to join in the walk.  I really don't know much about it and we have not done any fundraising either.  I think that we will just go and experience it.  I think it will be really nice for Joshua to meet someone else with diabetes. 

Rebecca and I have been invited to do a presentation at Duke next week about community service.  We'll share some of our story and lead a class in jewelry making to about 150 student athletes.  We'd love prayers as we prepare.  We are excited about this opportunity and want to make the most of it. 

We are also preparing for our homeschool group's largest event of the year coming up in about a week and a half.  My job is organizing and coordinating.  It is a really fun event which is done cooperatively.  This year our theme is The Gullywasher (a Five in a Row title).  I'm looking forward to it.

Well, it's late and I need to get some sleep as the morning always comes faster than I'd like for it too.  Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragment to me.  I appreciate it.  This has been a hard season of life and I'm in a struggle.  I feel as though I've been buffeted by challenges on and off for quite awhile.  I am trying to rest and trust - though it has not been easy.  I have never been as aware of the spiritual warfare going on around me as I am now.  I'm thankful that I know the One who has already won the battle.  

With love,