Monday, March 23, 2009

Fashion Meets Faith

Another retropost - but too good not to share.  We had an amazing event at our church in November.  Shari Braendel from came to speak.  The event started on Friday night with a fashion show.  Rebecca was one of the models.  It was fun seeing the girls and Rebecca enjoyed the opportunity.

Above is Rebecca in her casual outfit.

This is Rebecca's nicer outfit. 

All of the girls with Shari.

While we were there, Shari did a color analysis on each gal there as well as a body analysis.  She talked about colors, styles and more that would look good on each woman/girl.  Because we were a small crowd, we were each able to participate and get a lot of individual feedback.

One of the neatest things though was her emphasis on each person being beautiful just the way that God has made you!  It wasn't just about looks, but about appreciating how we have been created by a loving Father.

Her testimony is powerful.  This is *not* just a fashion show!  It's *not* just for those who are into clothes and fashion.  It's for all women who struggle with self-esteem and how you feel in your clothes (isn't that all of us?!).  It was a time filled with laughter, learning and more. 

If she is ever close to you, I would highly recommend going!  I hope that we will be able to go again as it was a wonderful week-end!