Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So little time

Why is it that time seems so fleeting?  So many projects I want to get done, so many things that need tending to.  Yet, I'm trying to chose the important things.  I do better some days - or some moments - than others.  It's always a struggle or a balancing act. 

I've been choosing the last couple of days to hold onto my sweet, sick baby girl.  (Or maybe she has been choosing for me that I hold on to her.)  I wish I could hold onto my oldest girl a little more as she is feeling quite poorly as well.  My oldest is also sick - though he doesn't mention it often.  It's hard to see your children feeling badly - and hard to take care of sick ones when the ones feeling well aren't always the most helpful.  LOL

A quick update and then I need to run.  Things are much the same with my sick children - sore throats seem to be the main complaint.  Headaches, fever (Eliana only), loss of appetite and general fatigue.  I'm not sure what it is, but will be glad when it is gone.

We have had one change tonight for which I'd love prayer.  Eliana's g-tube site seems to "ooze" more when she is sick.  I noticed this with the salmonella and am seeing it again now.  It has been especially bad today.  It's different than normal in both quantity and also quality.  Also, tonight there was bleeding.  I hate seeing this. 

I've been trying to just wait it out, hoping it would be a brief sickness.  If things are unchanged by tomorrow morning though I'll call our ped.  I wonder when I'll feel comfortable just letting things run their course with Eliana.  She has been through so much!  Having all of her body parts healed and intact will have to help some! 

Trusting that God is holding my children in His arms and loving them with my arms.  Giving thanks for the time that I have to hold and care for my children.  We've cancelled everything thus far this week and the time to just be home has been nice.  We are planning a field trip on Thursday, but will cancel that too if folks aren't better by tomorrow. 

More tomorrow - or as soon as I'm able to write.

With love,