Monday, May 21, 2007

She Did It!!!

She drank 4 ounces from her bottle this morning!!!  She has NEVER had this much - EVER!  This was her complete feeding.  Now, granted it was in 2 parts - but it counts!  I fed her the first 2 ounces and she took about 15 minutes to eat that.  (Really wonderful and much faster than she typically does it..) 

I was using a 2-ounce bottle, so I refilled it and then she seemed not interested at all.  I decided to take a short break to see if that helped her.  Well, the short break ended up going about 45 minutes and then she took the other 2 ounces!  Oh, what a sweet moment!

It's encouraging to see that she CAN do it.  I know that it's still a lot of work for her, but praise God that she can do it!  I'm still not sure what I can be doing to help her - if anything.  Still waiting to hear from the feeding folks.  We'll see. 

For now, this has just made my day!  This is her best feeding of the day usually and I am praising God for this small step.  I know it may seem like "not a big deal" - but for a little girl that has struggled now for 4 months (pretty much her whole life) to eat - this is a very big deal!!!

Just wanted to share my joy! 

With love,