Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beyond FIAR Co-op: Cricket in Times Square #4

So many things happening.  So little time to write.  I'm alright with that though.  I'll catch up as I can and just live life where I am.  I enjoy writing and sharing, but it can't compete with me time with my family.  The fall has just been so full.  Lots of sweet times and fun memories made with family and friends.  I have much to be thankful for in each day!  God is good.

This is our last co-op with Cricket.  What a delightful book!  If you have not yet read this book, please take some time to explore it.  We had so many fun lessons.  And I'll post more about this later, but it spurred on one of the best field trips ever.  :-)  If you have read here much at all, you know how I love a field trip!  Hands-on learning is my favorite way to do things.

Our last co-op focused on the last several chapters of the book.  We started with a devotion and then into a discussion about vaudeville.

We watched some clips online from old vaudeville shows.  It was fun to see them and to learn about the entertainment that was popular in another time period.  Things have changed so much even from when I was little.
We then had our own vaudeville show!  What a great variety in talent and entertainment too ... from the "Great Hamdini" (can you see the cute little hamster with his magician's cape on?) to ...
a piece on the piano.

Knock-knock jokes.  (Daniel enjoyed joining us for this fun co-op.)

A puppet show.

Comedy skit.
It was fun to see all of the students sharing with us - from serious to beautiful to funny!  It was a delightful show!

Our next lesson was on money.
From learning about the history of money and how the uses and types of it have changed.

Examining different types of money is always interesting.  It is fascinating to see the variety in shapes, sizes, symbols and more.  

This was a game in which the students tried to match the name of the money to the country to which it belonged.
More challenging than you might think!
Then the students took some time to design their own currency.  I find it intriguing to see what is important to a country by noting what is on their currency.  Likewise, it was interesting to see what the children chose to put on their money.

We ended with make your own pizzas for a snack.
My boys are always eager for pizza and gluten which they miss having at home.

This was a fun ending ... almost ... to our study of The Cricket in Times Square.

Want to guess what we did to cap it off?  Can you guess where we went on our field trip?  More on that in a future post!