Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daniel's Lego Birthday Party

What a fun time we had celebrating Daniel's birthday!  He wanted a Lego party which was so easy to plan as there are tons of great ideas online to choose from!  I'll share some of the links that we used at the end of this post.

We started the day with a breakfast of his choice.  Then his brothers had planned a story scavenger hunt for him.  This has become somewhat of a tradition that they all really enjoy.  Daniel as Batman at his computers with Alfred assisting him.

Watch out for the bad guys lurking about.

Batman is on the look out.

Batman takes down the criminal.  (Any of you fans recognize who he is?)

At the end of the activity, Daniel receives a gift from his brothers.  Bet you can guess what it is.  Legos.  Batman Legos.

We went to the Lego store earlier in the week so didn't go on his actual birthday.  He did get more Legos as gifts.

We decorated for the party.  The Lego bags make a great window banner!

Gift bags for our guests.  The Superman figures were from the free Lego build at the store earlier this month.

We printed minifigure pictures for each child to design as our starting activity.  Those ended up not being used then though.  They were engaged in other things.  One of those was guessing how many Legos were in the Jar.

The plates were just square plates with a piece of yellow cardstock added to the top and a face drawn on with sharpie.

Then we started with the games.  First was Lego block tossing game.  This was a huge hit!

We used 10 bricks for each turn and then added up points at the end of each round.
Eliana was surprisingly good at this.

Though Rebecca was the top scorer!

It was fun for all ages.

The Straw game was also a great activity.  Each person had a straw and a cup.

We spread Legos out on the table.

The were to pick up as many bricks as possible using only their straw and then put them into their cups.

Next was I Spy the Lego Guy.  We hid 9 guys since Daniel was 9 years old.

We hid these in several rooms int he house and there was a mad dash to try to find them all.

We also played a fun Lego Bingo game.
Eliana joined in with some help.

Opening gifts from sweet friends.

Cake and ice cream.

The last game was Creationary.

This was such a fun theme!  I highly encourage it if you have a Lego lover in your house.  Here are some of the links that I used for ideas and creative encouragement!

LOTS of links to share!

Party ideas  - Fun soap dispenser idea that we are still using.

Loved the invitation- Loved the invitation and I did something similar for Daniel too.

Great party printables - Used the coloring pages and also the tags for the gift bags.

Color your own minifigure- coloring page

We loved the ring toss idea

Lego Font

Lego Bingo

How to make a Lego cake!

Fun game ideas

I hope this helps someone else plan a super fun party!