Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick update - Tue night

Thank you friends for praying and for your hugs too!

She had a good long nap and has woken up ... cranky. (Which is very much out of character for her) She has been able to keep down some water, but not interested in food at all and I'm not pushing it. I'm just really not sure what to do to help her.

Sorry this is short. Just wanted to update.



Eliana's turn - small request for prayer

Maybe this helps to confirm that Joshua's sickness yesterday was a virus of some sort.  That is good news in some ways, though I sure wish it hadn't been Eliana's job to be the messenger.

Eliana is throwing up. I thought it was just sinus drainage, because she woke up at 6am very stuffy and clearly dealing with internal drainage.  I began to doubt the drainage theory when it happened a second time. Now that we are up to 8 or 9 ore more, it is something else. She is miserable. I'm holding her. She's tired, but not able to sleep as she keeps getting sick.

Just interupted. She is keeping nothing down. Not even water.   I've spent the morning doing LOTS of laundry, changing clothes (both of us), giving a bath and well, doing clean-up.  So much for our first week of school,huh?  Actually the children have been doing school and helping out.  They have been great!

As I was thinking about this post while changing clothes, I remembered one of my last "small request" posts. It was for Joshua on the day he was diagnosed with diabetes. It just hit me and made me cry. The grief process can just hit out of nowhere sometimes, kwim? I'm not thinking this is like that. Not sure at what point this sickness becomes more than I need to try to handle at home though.

THanks for praying.