Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More time in Nebraska

One more post on our time in Nebraska.  We had a great time hanging out with Roger's parents.  It was fun talking, playing games and being outside.  The time went quickly and it was hard to say good-bye.  

Everyone loved riding on this.  We even had one trying to plan on how we could have one at  home.  Not sure where we would ride it though.  

We visited Ashfall Fossil Beds while we were there.  Interesting thing is that we met a student from  NC State who had a summer job there.  Small world, huh?
I remember coming here many years ago when Christopher and Rebecca were small.  They had bones buried that the children uncovered using brushes.  There were charts above so that you could identify the bones.

This is part of the current dig site.  They have found many fossils of animals here.  It is fascinating to learn about what they have uncovered and to see the work in progress.

I just thought this was a beautiful view on the site.

Inside the museum/gift shop area.  Three generations.  :-)

Out on the farm was a great place to play air soft.

Group shot.
Sweet sisters.
I've wanted a photo like this for years.  The bugs flying all around made it too challenging though.  I will have to try another time.  Still think this one is fun though.
We got up early in the morning to leave the farm.  We headed out for one of our longest driving days.  More on that tomorrow as we head to Illinois.