Saturday, September 1, 2007

She Did It!!!

It has taken me awhile to get to this post, but I'm thrilled to make this announcement!

Three cheers for Rebecca - she has reached her goal!  Wholehearted sales are currently at


In just 6 months time, a goal that seemed lofty and unreachable, has been attained.  It has taken a lot of work, help from friends and lots and lots of time!  We have been encouraged by others as the story of a little girl's vision touched many hearts. 

It was something we spent many hours doing together as a family in our bedroom while Eliana was in heart failure.  Friends would gather in our home to help out at various times too! 

I talked with a gal in the Development office yesterday.  The date for presenting the money is set - next Friday September 7th.  Rebecca will be presenting a check to Duke Hospital to be used to for heart babies to get the help that they need.  At this point she has not specified the use of the money - other than to help heart babies.  The cardiologist had suggested that we might want to "earmark" the money for something specific so that she would know where her money went.  We just haven't had any ideas what that might be.  If any of you have any suggestions for us - please let us know.  

For those of you that may have missed this story, go to this entry on my blog to read more about it.

They are planning to have one of those extra-large, oversized checks made for Rebecca to present.  She is excited about that.  She is also a little nervous about having to speak.  Please pray that she would have a calm spirit and just be able to share her heart.  We aren't sure yet exactly what type of comments they might want from her.  We are expecting Eliana's cardiologist to be there.  He has been wonderful!  I'm not sure who else will be in attendance.  I do know her whole family will be there - cheering her on!

Thank you to many of you that have encouraged Rebecca (and me) as she has started a non-profit business at the age of 11.  It has been quite a learning experience for all of us. 

I'm so thankful for her tender heart.  It's sweet for me to see her using her gifts and being willing to work hard to help others.  I learn a lot from my children.  Rebecca has been an incredible example to me of compassion and effort - doing something to make a difference in the lives of others.

If any of you are still interested in bracelets, she isn't planning to stop her business.  I'm not sure what her goals/ideas are from this point forward.  We'll have to wait and see.

Thank you for sharing in our excitment!

ETA:  One small note on Eliana.  Her burn seems to be healing well - but she is having bleeding around the site.  Please continue to pray for her healing and no infection.  It's a little alarming to see the blood.  She does not seem to be in any pain thankfully.

With love,