Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stove ... part 3

And hopefully the last update for quite some time!

Its finally here!  Our new stove.  The cost to repair the old one exceeded what it was worth.  I do use the oven a LOT.  Given our dietary challenges, I cook a lot from scratch and often use the oven/stove for 2-3 meals per day.  I'm excited about this new one.

This is the stove before its put in.  Can you guess what I'm most excited about?  Other than the fact that it won't need to be taped to be functional?

 I will tell you that I was NOT excited about it once it was put in.  Can you see why?  It may be hard to tell in this photo.

Let's get a closer look.  Do you see that space between the stove and the wall?  It's about 4 inches.  I immediately told Roger that this was not going to work.  He wondered why.  Come on mamas - you can tell me why can't you?  Can you just imagine ALL of the things that would get jettisoned into that space?  Ugh!  and LOL!

Do you know why there is such a big gap?  It goes back to my first question.  My favorite feature.  Did you guess it?  It's having TWO ovens!  I'm so excited about the options that will open up to me for cooking!  The downside is that there is no storage space under the stove.  Well, I wasn't really that disappointed about that space.  What I didn't realize is that having that space made it possible for the large box of some sort that is attached the stove to be slid under the stove - instead of sticking out from the wall four inches.
Those of you that know my sweet husband, can imagine what came next.  Those of you that don't know him may also be able to imagine it if you have seen my last stove post with the duct tape!  Yep, the tool box came out.

That white section sitting on top is the wall piece that he cut out so that the "box" (I obviously don't remember what it was, but something really important and electrical I think) could go into the wall.  And yes, the stove move back towards the wall too!

 So, there you have it.  A nice shiny new stove!  :-)  (This picture is actually from before it got moved back and so it does look better now.)  Thanks Roger.

I'm enjoying it very much.  Want to come over for dinner?