Monday, November 8, 2010

Field Trip - Slimgoodbody, Courthouse and the Park

One of our field trips last month involved something new for us.  We had 2 different field trips happening at the same time.  The high school students were given a tour of the local courthouse.  One of the neat aspects was that the tour was given by a former homeschooler and son of one of our members!  I heard great things about the tour and it was neat to be able to offer our high schoolers something different.  (I have no photos because I wasn't there - and neither of my children took pictures there.)

Meanwhile, the younger set was at a nearby theater to watch a musical production called Slim Goodbody.  We arrived early and got great seats!  We were in the 3rd row!  It was fun being there with friends!

Eliana enjoyed the music.  The show was interesting, funny and quite informative!  I would definitely recommend it if it is in your area.

We had a chance to meet Slim after the show.  Then we headed to a nearby park for a picnic lunch and some play time.  It was a gorgeous day and I loved watching the children play.  I love that age doesn't matter and that they just enjoy each other.

I love seeing the bigger children helping the smaller.  I love the freedom to play and enjoy and have fun!

Friendships are such a blessing and we are so fortunate to have so many dear friends in our life!

As we were talking, I started playing around with my camera some.  (I really need to just read the manual!)  We talked some about "Senior Pictures" and I volunteered to try my hand at it.  We tried some today but the time of day was not best.  Hopefully we can choose another day and get better lighting and fewer shadows.  It was fun playing though.  This tree was a great prop

Three seniors.  These three have been with the group from the beginning.  It is our homeschool groups first graduating class.  (We have one more senior not in the picture.)  I have really enjoyed watching these three grow up and become fine young people.  I like them, like being with them and am glad to have them in my life.  I started thinking that they will really be missed next year, but you know, I'm not going there tonight!

A day in which I find peace and happiness.  We had fun learning and also playing.  It it such a good balance.  I'm thankful for these days.  I'm thankful for friends to share them with!

Feeling greatly blessed,