Monday, July 7, 2014

A quick look at June

This post will just about have me caught up.  :)  This is going to be a whirlwind look at June with the exception of Daniel's birthday which I'll do in a separate post.

We celebrated Father's Day with this silly photo.  We had a more serious one too, but this was just a fun one.  :)  We missed having Christopher here, but the rest did a super job in celebrating their wonderful Dad!

 Rebecca made him a delicious apple crisp (gluten free) which was devoured.  (Not all by him.  LOL)
Our church had a fun evening for graduating seniors and their families.  We enjoyed an encouraging talk, dinner and a time of prayer over the seniors.  
 We loved being able to share this evening with some dear friends of ours.  These two have known each other for many years.  :)  I'm excited to see what plans God has for them!  Rebecca and Andrew, I pray God's blessings on each of you!
 This is Rebecca with our awesome youth pastor.

 One day we enjoyed a beautiful dining experience at our house.  :)  A menu with great variety and a beautifully set table.

Daniel and Isaiah did ALL of the work to pull this off.  It was wonderful.  I'm hoping that they will do a repeat performance for us too!
 We enjoyed Kids Week at our church.  Eliana had Allison as a sweet helper again this year.
 Isaiah, Joshua and Roger helped in the snack area.  It was a fun week for everyone.
 Just a peek at something I found one day.  Yes, those are bite marks in each of these tomatoes.  I just wondered if someone thought the next one would taste different that the last one they bit.  LOL  Not sure what she was expecting.  

Rebecca and I attended her freshman orientation at Liberty.  

It was a full day.  It was helpful to see a room in the same type of building that she will be living in as well as walking to see some of the buildings where her classes will be located.  This is one of the rooms that she has a class in for the fall.
 It was also a nice time to meet some other students and parents.  We toured the new library which is amazing!  We also had several very helpful sessions.
 The day ended with a cook-out and some games.  It was a great visit.  Not too much longer until it will be time to take her there.  I'm so very excited for her and also know that the transition will be challenging too.  We will greatly miss having her here, but I am trusting God that He will equip us because we do believe that this is just where she is supposed to be.
This is a peek at what Eliana's hair will NOT look like in about a month or so.  Super cute and amazing hairstyles mean that Rebecca was doing the work.  I love seeing these beautiful and creative hair styles.

Rebecca is in a musical this summer - Suessical for any readers that are local and want more info, let me know.  She has many rehearsals.  One of the perks has been that I have been able to take very long walks (2+ hours) with a dear and long time friend.  It has been sweet to have the time to talk and encourage each other and I'm thankful for this unexpected blessing this summer.

 While the path ahead is not completely clear, I'm thankful to know the One that knows what lies ahead.  I'm thankful for family and friends who join me and make the days sweeter.  I'm thankful to God for guiding, directing, comforting and encouraging me whether the days are easy or challenging.

Hoping that your summer has been filled with sweet memories.  We are enjoying the pool, playing games and reading books.