Friday, February 16, 2007

Battered and broken

I'm feeling so overwhelmed and broken right now.  Please pray.  We have 4 family members sick with some sort of stomach virus.  I'm hoping and praying that the rest of us don't come down with it.  (The 3 youngest children and I are currently well.)  I'm thankful for friends  - one who brought some food for us and many others that are praying.  My precious best friend has been over here helping me some today - please pray that she stays well too!

I'm still trying to pump and nurse Eliana.  Today has been very difficult though.  I don't want this to be what ends our trying to nurse. 

I'm also trying to deal with other news which is breaking my heart.  It's not mine to share yet.  

ETA:  Wanted to share a sweet moment today. I was holding Eliana and asked her "Do you love Mommy?"  She responded with the biggest smile I've seen to date!  It was just the right answer when I wasn' expecting one at all.

I know God is with me, but I'm feeling incredibly beat up right now.  I've more than passed my limit.  I have been sobbing all day long and am just worn out - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.