Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beyond FIAR co-op: Neil Armstrong #2

For our second meeting while covering the book Neil Armstrong, we covered chapters 4-6.  The topics chosen from these chapters were knots and map skills.  We have found that it has worked well for our group to have two moms teaching each co-op and each mom takes a topic to develop.  Sometimes it works to just tackle one larger one as well.  

So our morning started with knots.  Everyone got a rope, though it looks like someone wasn't sure of that in this photo.  LOL

 They took time to practice making several different kinds of knots.
 For some this was familiar and for others it was new.
 This is a stopper knot.  Its the one that I learned (and remembered) from that morning.  I really like the way that it looks - all neat and tidy.  :-)
 I love hands-on learning and so does this group.
 Lots of interest in this activity - and that was without knowing what lay ahead of them too!
 They focused on 3 different knots and this was one of them.  I think it is the square knot.  (They did learn more than this though.)
 Love seeing little Eliana trying to tie a knot too!
 Now it was time to put their new found knowledge to the test!
 They divided into 3 teams for a relay race.
 The name of a knot was called out and each person on the team - one at a time raced down to tie on the knot.
 Any knots that weren't correct were taken off so that it could be tried again.
 And if you weren't sure, you could get some help from a teammate.
 What a fun way to practice knots!
 These are some of the books that were used.
 Next we moved onto map making.
 After some discussion, every had a turn at making their own map.
 Its always neat to see the differences in each person's projects!
 Some were  embellished.
 Some added lots of color.
 All were creative and unique.
 Some were from favorite stories.
 We celebrated a birthday during our snack time.  What a fun way to spend a special day - with lots of friends.

Another fun morning of learning.  Homeschooling with Beyond Five in a Row is so much fun!