Friday, February 24, 2012

Beyond Co-op - George Washington Carver #2

I'm behind in posting about our co-op, but we are soon taking a break (spring break between books) so perhaps that will help me to catch up.  This co-op covered the 2nd set of chapters, 5-8.  The lessons covered were on Kansas and Missouri.  It always encourages and inspires me to see how someone can take a lesson that does not appear to be a hands-on lesson to me and make it something really fun to experience in a group.  To me, being a co-op has had a number of blessings, but learning from the other moms is always a sweet one.  

The children were divided up into groups of 2 or 3.  This activity was set up like a game in which each team travelled to different stations to learn something, engage in an activity and fill out information on a card that they had been given.  
I enjoyed following behind each team and reading along with them.
And listening to what they were saying.
They all worked well together.
Here are some examples of some of the places that they visited - all within the states of Kansas and Missouri.  If you zoom in, you can see some of the activities too.

They took turns with the die and sometimes had to roll it over and over again to get what they needed to move to the next location.

Each team had a card with 4 sides that needed to be completed.

Since each group had a different route, they each learned about unique events in history.  At the end of the journey, each team took some time to share about the places that they had visited and what they had learned.
In honor of the World's Fair held in St Louis, the snack today was fair food.
The foods are always a hit.
Especially when it ended with Nutty Buddies.  (Do other people call them by this name or is there another name?)
As always, it was a fun morning learning with our friends!