Monday, March 17, 2008

We are home - and have a busy week ahead!

We arrived home late last night -  Eliana and I.  We were greeted at the airport by excited children with lots of hugs and kissed.  *grin*  We arrived home to a welcome home banner and a party with lemonade, cookies and candy set up.  It was sweet.

Eliana was a great traveller - and that wasn't surprising at all.  She handled the take-offs and landings well.  She slept some on both flights and was a delight when she was awake.  She could not have been any better!  I'm not surprised though as she is really an easy-going baby.  

We visited with some dear friends that I work with on the FIAR website.  I've known some for 10+ years and some for fewer years.  It was a fun time - relaxing and sweet for the most part.  I think Eliana was a bit overwhelmed at times though with being around so many people that she didn't know - though they all "know" her through many prayers over her short life.  I enjoyed having my friends meet her - I wish you all could.  She is such a delight and I love sharing her with others.  I'm glad I was able to go.   

Our week is full and here is some of what is going on.

Today (Mon) we were able to stay home!  I really enjoy those days, especially after having been gone.  I needed a nap and was able to take one too.  (I didn't get much sleep this week-end as I was up late chatting with friends.) 

Our speech therapist came today.  She is so encouraging!  She notices every little thing Eliana does and just praises her.  She is making progress and it's exciting to see her making connections and picking things up.  I think she is a smart little girl - though I'll admit too that I've very biased.  *grin*  She was pointing today at pictures of some of her favorite things (her therapist made up the pics).  She seemed really drawn to the music picture and we did a lot with music today.  I'm encouraged about her progress and appreciative for "things to do" to help Eliana grow and learn.

Tues - Eliana has an appt with her ped tomorrow.  I'm expecting to discuss a time for getting her g-tube removed!  I'm hoping we'll be able to set this up tomorrow.  She is doing well and I am looking forward to having that gone!  It interferes with things (like learning to go down the stairs) and has started to pop open again (which is just yuck!).  It also leaks all the time - not a lot, but again enough to be yuck and to stain her clothes.  I'm thankful we had this option and also ready to just move on!  Hopefully I'll be sharing a big praise on this tomorrow!

Also, I'm not sure why, but Eliana fell over (while sitting) a number of times today (about 4?).  She was just sitting and fell backwards.  This happened while her therapist was here and she commented too that it was very unlike Eliana to do this.  I'm hoping that it was just ... well, I don't know.  Something that will pass, have no effects and not return again.

I have also have an appt to see my midwife.  This is just a follow up to make sure my body has done what it needs to have done.  I'm thinking this will be hard.  It will be hard to just be there - seeing people, reminders, etc.  I would love prayers for this time.

Wed - Therapy day.  Daniel and Eliana will both be doing feeding/sensory therapy in the morning.  Daniel loves this and Eliana seems fine with it too.  It's small steps in terms of progress here though.  I'm not sure I'm doing enough in this area.  I know with  Eliana I've been so focused on liquid/weight gain for the removal of the tube that I let that take precedence over solids.  She is eating more (quantity) and is interested in trying new things.  (Wish I could say that about Daniel - the trying new things.)  Daniel seems to be improving on the sensory front - and the therapist has said that needs to happen before we will see much happen on the food front.  Hard to understand - but we are working on it!

Eliana also has physical therapy.  This is her hardest therapy though she isn't crying as much.  I wonder at times if this is just too much to do in one day.  She does best when she can get a nap in between the two therapies.  We are working on standing/walking skills and she has a cute new little walker to help with this.  I need to get a picture of it!

Thur - Field trip.  This is with our FIAR homeschooling group.  I love this group!  The older kids will be visiting a nuclear power plant for a hands-on discussion about the science of nuclear power.  The younger children will be visiting a state park for a ranger led program on nature topics.  I think it will be a fun time for all.  We'll picnic and play afterwards and just enjoy being with our friends.

Fri - We are planning to visit our sweet friends who moved last summer for Easter week-end.  We are looking forward to this time together.

Whew!  That's a lot in one week.  I'll update as I can on the things I've mentioned above. 

For those that have asked about how we are doing, I want to thank you for your prayers and the sweet notes/cards you have sent.  I'm truly thankful.  This loss of our baby has been hard, but we are daily leaning on God and trusting that He knows what is best for us.  He is good all the time.

With love,