Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yummy Fall Treat

I host a monthly meeting for our FIAR group.  This is a mom's meeting and is time to relax and be refreshed and encouraged.  I enjoy these times with my friends.  We typically talk about what we are doing with FIAR, upcoming field trips and then move onto our monthly topic.  This month, we had a guest speaker (and friend) return to our group.  Sue Patrick (workbox system) spoke to us about how to use posters and make centers.  We learned a lot and saw a lot of examples of things she had made and ways she made things fun and interactive.

We all left inspired.  A couple of nights later a local educational store held a homeschoolers reception.  Many of us from the meeting were there - buying posters and other fun things to add to our homeschool day.  I'll hopefully share some examples as I make some things to use in our schooling.

Awhile back, I don't remember when, Rebecca offered to make dessert for our mom's meeting.  I was happy to have her do this.  Cooking is not my favorite activity and Rebecca really enjoys baking and decorating.  This month we saw a really cute dessert on the front of Southern Living Magazine and thought it would be great!  It was!

Rebecca invited her friend Hanna over to help with the decorating and they did an awesome job!

The cakes are pumpkin and the stems, vines and leaves are made from caramels.  Yes, they  hand-fashioned each one!  Aren't they adorable?  And they tasted good too.

I'm sure we'll be having these again since we now have a cute little mini Bundt pan.  Mom, want us to have these for Thanksgiving? 

Just wanted to share in case anyone was looking for a cute and yummy fall treat.

ETA:  Sorry about the missing pics.  I wrote the post the night before and then posted it later thinking the pictures were in it already.  Thanks Sheri for letting me know!