Thursday, February 26, 2009

A funny moment

Just wanted to share a funny moment with you.

The other day, Isaiah and I were talking.  It may help you to know that we have been studying bees this week.  This is a bit of our conversation.

Isaiah:  Do you know what my favorite word is?

Me:  (not knowing people had favorite words) No, I don't.

Isaiah:  Well, it isn't Isaiah because thats a name.  It's thorax.

Me:  (stifling a giggle at this point)  Really?  It's thorax?

Isaiah:  Yes, my favorite word is thorax.

A few days later, Isaiah is working on a math page dealing with money.  Rebecca overhears him talking to himself.  For a little background you should know that this is my child that LOVES money.  He talks about money every day.  He frequently offers to pay to get things that he wants.  Recently he offered to pay Christopher in order to get something he wanted.  This request was followed up quickly by another offer - a second payment - if he wouldn't tell Mom!  lol

Isaiah, as he is studying about money:  I think my favorite word is money.  Thorax is my second favorite word.

This boy just cracks me up!  The funny thing is that he often has no idea how very funny he can be because he delivers his lines with total seriousness.

I'm thankful for the gift of laughter and little people that give me plenty of reason to laugh.