Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Five in a Row Christmas Ornaments 2011

Our Five in a Row group has been making and swapping ornaments for a few years now - 5 or 6?  I'm not sure.  We've been doing it long enough that I'm hopeful that we will one day have them all.  I love these ornaments for a couple of reasons.  First is that it brings back so many sweet memories of the books we have rowed over the years.  For most of my children, we have been doing Five in a Row for as long as they can remember.  Its woven into the fabric of our family.  The second reason that I love these is that they are made by friends, people I love and have walked this homeschooling journey with - some for many years and some for just a few.

We met on Sunday to swap our ornaments.  It was a fun social time together with some yummy foods and excellent company.

Here are our ornaments for this year.  Just for fun, I'll post the book that goes with the ornament under the picture in case some of you want to try to figure it out before seeing the answer.  Now, I realize that on some of these that I have the name in the picture.  Sorry, take that as a freebie.  LOL

This one was mine and I wanted the 4 sides to be visible.  It was important to me to capture the 4 pieces of this story.

The Saturdays - Beyond FIAR

Isn't this next one cute?  Just a perfect likeness.

Corduroy - Before FIAR

The wool on this one is from a cotswold ewe and is so soft!  The shape of the ornament will give you a hint too!

Warm as Wool - A story set in Ohio in FIAR

This one is probably recognizable to everyone whether or not you use FIAR!   A much loved story.

Of course, its Peter Rabbit.  (A FIAR title)

This is one in which I photographed the card to go along with it.  Cover that up if you want to try to guess.  Its just perfect for the book!
 George Washington Carver - Beyond FIAR

The colors in this next one were just perfect to me.

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening (FIAR)

You may have to think on this one.  And when you get it - you will see that it is just right for this story!

 Andy on the Lion from FIAR.

Can you read the mailbox?  If you can, then you will totally know what this one is.

Miss Rumphius from FIAR.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but this one is hand painted on the front and inside of the back to give it dimension!  Its beautiful!
 All Those Secrets of the World (FIAR title)

Reading the note will give you a big clue - and if you were here and could smell the lilacs that would help too.

 The Hickory Chair - FIAR.

This one is another with the picture card in it.  This is a Before FIAR title.
 My Blue Boat.

This is a picture from the book and the cover.  A very sweet book!
 Prayer for a Child - Before FIAR

Last one.  This one too is probably an easy one to recognize for lots of people as it is a classic book.
Madeline (FIAR)

So we have 13 more amazing ornaments to add to our FIAR tree.  I bought a new one this year (on sale for $20!) as I needed a bigger one to hold all of them.  Its a fun tradition and I'm thankful to have friends that want to do it year after year.

Traditions are a sweet way to tie together memories and hearts year after year.

Hoping that your Christmas season is full of sweet wonders and delightful friends.