Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Saturday

Last Saturday was such a fun day!  All of it.  Christopher and some friends arrived for lunch and then hung out with us for the rest of the day.  We all had a blast!  I love that he is close enough to come home and it is always a delight to have his friends come over too!

I was sporadic in taking pictures, but here are some of our day.  After having lunch, we headed outside.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day!  There had been a threat of rain, but it was beautiful!  Lots of fun playing games.  I love that my kids can just jump in the middle of things and that Christopher's friends are comfortable with that too.  

There was a lot of Kan Jam being played.  I think Rebecca (top right) and Kyle (bottom right) were the team champions.
 Everyone enjoys this game.  Even Eliana liked trying her hand at it.
Badminton was also played.  The winners would taken on a new team to play.
 Emily and Christopher were the team to beat in this game!
 Just a sweet happy face.
 Did I mention that the competition was keen in ALL of the games?!
 I just love this picture.  I'm not sure what Eliana and Grant were talking about, but I love it just the same.
 There is always time and place for an Eno, right?
 This looks a bit dangerous, but Isaiah was having fun and it wasn't too far to fall.
 Daniel hanging out with Kyle.

This was the only inside picture that I took.  Dinner.
 Afterwards we headed back outside for volleyball, badminton (am I the only one that did not know this was spelled with an "n" in the middle?) and basketball.
 A little bored with the games, and making their own fun.
 Trying to learn a new game is challenging at times, but fun too.

What a full and fun day.  I'm so thankful for these times.  Thankful that Christopher has such great friends in his life.  Thankful too that they enjoy hanging out with our family.  Thankful for these sweet opportunities!  Looking forward to more in the future!

with a thankful heart.