Sunday, June 24, 2007

Birthday Party

Just a few notes on our sweet boy's birthday!  We worked on the list trying to get as much done as we could. 

Roger and the children went to the party store to pick out balloons and paper goods.  Daniel selected a firefighter theme.  I couldn't believe it!  I've been trying to talk one of the boys into this theme for years thinking that it would be such fun.   Go figure on the year when we are really doing nothing big - they pick the theme that I wanted. 

Lunch out at McDonalds.  It's Daniel's favorite spot - though he only wants to eat the french fries (and have chocolate milk to drink).  Watched a show in the afternoon.  Played at the park in our neighborhood.  Did get to play with the keys.  (Not sure why he likes these so much!) 


We made the cake and decorated with streamers and balloons.  We had a few friends come by.  My 5yo was especially disappointed that we hadn't invited more friends and I really couldn't help him understand that I wasn't up to a big party - and it didn't matter to Daniel.

Daniel opened his gifts.  Everything was a hit from a red car to a pirate book to the Lightning McQueen flashlight.  We gave him a wagon.  When the gift was brought in it was covered by a large blanket.  Instead of pulling the blanket off of the gift - Daniel just crawled up under the blanket. 

Next we had cake and ice cream - chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Boy was he happy about this!  He blew out the candles (6 of them because they were all cute and I thought I might as well use them all.)  It took a few tries to get them out, but he did.

Finally we went outside.  Rebecca had helped me plan a few games - a search game for firefighter figures and vehicles and a relay with water ("Bucket Brigade").  Daniel wasn't interested in either but rather just wanted to ride on the jeep.  He likes to ride fast too!  One day Roger cut the speed down to slow and Daniel put his head on the steering wheel and cried.  Oh boy, we may be in trouble in another 12 years.  LOL

That was it.  A simple day, but lots of fun too!  Maybe I should rethink having elaborate parties.