Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Awana Post

Doing a little catching up on May as I work through hundreds of photos from our last field trip and beach trip.  :-)  Gotta love digital when you can take soooo many pictures.

I posted about Daniel's Sparky award already.  (Click on the link to read more.)  He continued to work on his verses until  he had done all of the review work and the extra verses too.  He has earned all that he can at this level.  He worked so very hard and more importantly, he is learning to hide God's work in his heart.  I pray that it will bless and benefit him his entire life!  Way to go Daniel!

Eliana also worked hard with her verses this year.  Here she is with one of her wonderful Cubbies leaders.  Many of the leaders are students who volunteer their time to serve.  This sweet leader has been with her for 2 years.  She will be missed next year!
 Can you see how very proud my sweet girl is of her reward?  Look at that face!  I love it!  She completed her book again this year!
 Also this year, she was given a special award.  Last year, she signed most of her verses.  This year we worked with signs and words.  She said her verses this year often with me doing the signs with her.  She has grown and improved so much.

What a delight too when I see others enjoying our little girl.   I'm so thankful to be a part of this group - an encouraging and uplifting place to be sure!  Thank you Nikii and David for all of your work this year.  You will be missed!!!
This program has been a great practical way to work on memorizing more Bible verses.  Thankful to be a part!