Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Duke Children's Radiothon

Just wanted to share that tomorrow (Wed 11 Feb), Rebecca, Eliana and I will be going to Duke for their annual radiothon fundraiser.  Not sure yet if the boys - some or all - will be going with us.  We'll see.

Rebecca is planning to make another large donation to the pediatric cardiac unit.  I'm so proud of her work!  If you aren't familiar with what she has done - you can click on the link in my sidebar under Wholehearted Bracelets.

We will be there around 5pm to make the donation and talk on the air.  This time was selected for a big audience going home from work.  If you want to listen, go to this site and follow the link for listening on-line.

I'm not sure yet what we will be asked - probably just to hear our story.  I know that Rebecca will be nervous.  She already is.  I'm not sure I've done enough to prepare her - I just want her to be able to relax and share comfortably what she has done and why.  Would you please pray for calm nerves and an ability to share what God has placed on her heart.  (I'd love that prayer for me too - though I'm not nervous about it.)  I want God to be glorified in all that we say.

I'm thankful for this opportunity and thankful for the friends we have made at Duke.  I'm thankful to be approaching 2 years on a healed heart.  I was thinking back and remembering that 2 years ago, Eliana was in heart failure.  She was struggling to eat and I was struggling to feed her.  It was a hard time - and yet God was so faithful. 

God has blessed our lives in so many ways.  We are blessed to be able to share that with others.