Thursday, February 1, 2007

Snow Day today ...

and thus we did not make it in to get Eliana's weight checked.  I debated about driving out in the snow as it didn't "look" that bad.  My Mom and  Dad are here visiting with us (while my dh is out of town) and both pretty insistant that we stay home.  I talked with my pediatrician later and she too was glad that we hadn't tried to get out with the weather being snowy and icy in places.

So, we are still waiting to find out how she is doing weight-wise.  We are going in on Sat morning at 8am to see our ped.  This will get us there before any sick folks.  A little early for my liking, but I don't want to be exposed to any crud either. 

The snow today was beautiful while it lasted which wasn't very long.  It was fun to see the children playing and building a snowman.  I wish my dh had been home to play with them in the snow as he is a much more fun Dad with snow than I am!  He's back home tonight from being gone at a conference this week and it's wonderful to have him home again. 

I'm still pumping and trying to maintain that for a little longer until we have more news on when surgery is likely for Eliana.  Still have a low supply and need to spend more time that I'd like to get what I do.  I'm hoping to try a couple of new things in the next couple of days to see if there is any improvement.

I appreciate the notes and comments from so many of you.  I'm truly humbled that there are people reading my words and praying for my precious daughter and our family.  What a privilege to have such precious friends - and strangers who are becoming friends.    I'm thankful for the many people that have been willing to be God's hands for our family.  It's a truly beautiful picture of the body of Christ to me.

Need to go feed my little cutie pie now.