Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hilltop Farm

I'm going to try to do some blog catch-up this week.  Though it may be spotty.  I'll do my best.  This is the field trip I posted about a little bit earlier.  This is the one in which we were part of a miracle.   (If you missed this post, may I encourage you to read it.  It was an amazing experience.) 

Shortly after we arrived, we split into groups.  My group started with a hayride. 
My littlest cutie and I ready for a ride. 

Some views of the clover in a field which actually helps the soil!  I love all the fun things that *I* learn on these field trips!
We stopped to pick some strawberries.  Unfortunately, it was a quick stop due to weather.  (Some sound effects to go with the rain.)  We were there long enough to get a yummy bite though!

We headed into the barn where it was dry and safe and learned about horses and how to care for them. 

Checking out a ride in the saddle. 

We stayed in the barn for awhile waiting for the weather to clear.  While we were there, we saw another group. 

Some cute baby chickens.
Played some sillly games.  Love it when kids make up their own fun!
And watched another group leaving on a hayride.  A much calmer one than ours had been thankfully!
While we were waiting, some of the kids wondered down to visit or look at some goats. 
Eliana really enjoyed them and I kept finding her heading back down to their pens.  Once while I was at a distance and she was alone with the goats - this is what I saw.  LOL  Can you see that she is making a face at the goat?  Silly girl!

The kids also liked feeing them some of  natural grasses - the goats liked it too. 
The last stop on our outing was some time to learn about plants - after all this is an organic farm. 
Each child was able to plant some seeds to bring home.  Watermelon was the overwhelming favorite with my kids!

Hmmm ... wonder what's in here?!
The children were also given the opportunity to help plant some seedlings.  All of the plants arrived safely - except Eliana's.  She dumped hers. 

We ended the day with a picnic.  What a beautiful setting!
It was a memorable outing in more ways than one.  I think I'll carry this one with me for awhile.